The Big Spider-Man Theories

Spider-man’s introduction into the MCU is all but confirmed. There are a host of rumors going around regarding when and where we will see Spider-Man in the MCU. Many of these claim to be sourced inside the Sony leaks, but frankly with so much information being leaked, it would be remarkably easy to fabricate “leaked” e-mails or information. Excluding the initial conversations about Spider-Man joining the MCU, I am holding most of the leaked material with a grain of salt.

But that won’t stop me from exploring the rumors and theories!

Civil War


The initial theory was that Spider-Man would take up his roll from the actual story arc, where he was essentially the main character of the arc. Depending on how true it remained to the comic, this would involve our first glimpse of the costumed hero being his revealing his identity to the world. That would certainly be a very odd way to introduce the character, especially because Spider-Man later made a deal with Mephisto to undo that reveal (in addition to plenty of other dramatic things).

There are also the people who say that Spider-Man will have a cameo in the film, which I am more inclined to believe. Those who claim this are quick to subscribe to the next theory as well.

Infinity War


This theory suggests that Spider-Man will play a major roll in both parts of the Infinity War movie. In the comics, he was present during the Infinity Gauntlet battle, but not overly focused upon. If he were to be introduced, I would think it would be an odd addition to the movie. The film would have to introduce Spider-Man and establish him as a character, all the while collecting stones for Thanos.

I am less inclined to believe this to be true, although many believe that leaked information points to this from Sony.

Phase 4


This is the part that I am most likely to believe. In light of the destructive Phase 3 and the likely end of the Avenger movies, the MCU will need new focus moving forward into the further phases, if Marvel plans on fourth or fifth phases. This theory, once again supported by supposed leaks, says that a new Spider-Man film will lead Phase 4.

Frankly, I think Phase 3 is a little packed to fit Spider-Man into. It’s already the fullest phase of the MCU. I think Spider-Man would be a welcome addition to phase 4.

These are the three most dominant theories regarding Spider-Man in the MCU. Unfortunately, we still don’t know if he will even appear in the MCU at all. Negotiations are still in progress and we were not meant to have any of the information that is being released from Sony, which means that it is very liable to change. For now, only time will tell.

3 responses to “The Big Spider-Man Theories

  1. Let’s put it this way: If Marvel had wanted to add Andrew Garfield to the Franchise, I would vote for as soon as possible. Since that isn’t the case, I am not in a hurry (in fact, I would love for Sony to make at least one other Spider-man movie, but only with Andrew Garfield and without meddling). Infinity War naturally would be great with as many superheroes as possible. Nevertheless, it would also be a nice way to start Phase 4 with a Spider-man movie.

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