Fox Censors Me


Earlier this week, I received an e-mail saying that an image was illegally posted on my website by… well, me. The image was one of The Thing from the Fantastic Four, leaked from the set. The image is easily found on Google if you care to see it again. I was alerted that if I continue to break the copyright law, this website could be removed.

I think this demonstrates a different attitude from different companies. When Marvel had the Age of Ultron trailer leaked, they posted on Facebook, “Dammit Hydra”. They then released the full version in high quality, recognizing the futility of containing the leak. Meanwhile, months after the image was first released, Fox is still trying to contain the leaks from their set.

I think this difference in attitudes regarding leaked information shows the treatment of their material in different lights. Obviously, as a censored blogger, I prefer the attitude of Marvel, who recognizes that once information is in the light, anyone will be able to access it again. It’s virtually impossible to contain.

Nonetheless, the company is technically in their right to censor me, as the photo was illegally leaked.


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