Russo Brothers Confirmed for Avengers 3


It was confirmed earlier this week by the Sony e-mail hack that the Russo brothers, directors of Captain America 2 and 3, will be taking up the mantle for Avengers 3. Joss Whedon directed Avengers 1 and 2, which comes out in May, but apparently is going on to other things.

Whedon did a lot of good for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He bound together the Avengers twice and had a lot of creative input into the direction of the MCU. His creative influence will be sorely missed in the coming days.


The Russo brothers are some of the most promising of the directors in the MCU right now, however. They came quickly from humble beginnings. They directed You, Me, and Dupree years ago, as well as many TV shows, such as Community. They completely rocked it in Captain America 2, however, and most fans are very thrilled to welcome them to the directors chairs of the Avengers.

I will miss Whedon, but the Russo brothers are a welcome addition.

The Avengers 3 is a long ways away and the confirmation is not necessarily official as it is “leaked”, but I am excited to see what else the Avengers saga will offer us. For now, only time will tell.


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