So about that Agents of SHIELD finale

So the mid-season finale of Agents of SHIELD was two days ago. That’s enough time to sit back and digest. I’m sure it brought up a lot of questions, which I am here to answer. Needless to say, this contains spoilers for Agents of SHIELD.

What was inside the Diviner?


Inside the Diviner (otherwise called the Obelisk) was blue crystals. These crystals were the final confirmation of the Inhumans in the MCU. They are called Terrigen Crystals. In short, exposure to the Terrigen Crystals gives Inhumans their abilities. Before, they are still Inhuman, as the ability is locked in their genetic code, but their abilities are not yet expressed.

So who is Daisy?


Once we confirmed that Skye is Inhuman, the big question was, “Is she from the comics?” This episode confirmed that, yes, she is. Daisy Johnson is Quake. Quake in the comics, however sharing the abilities of Skye, is not an Inhuman. Despite the differing origin, the character has the ability to create earthquakes, as the name suggests. She shared a father-daughter relationship with Nick Fury, similar to that of Skye and Coulson. Eventually, she even became director of SHIELD when Fury retired.

What does that make Skye’s dad?


Skye’s dad is Mr. Hyde from the comics. True to the name, Calvin Zabo experimented with a formula that transformed him into an ape-like monster. We have heard in Agents of SHIELD of her father’s monstrous abilities, and I believe we will see him transform when Agents of SHIELD returns.

Who is the Inhuman without eyes?


Truthfully, we don’t know. The running theory is that it’s Reader, an Inhuman from recent comics. Unfortunately, even in those comics, we don’t know much about him. So it’s a mute point right now trying to figure out who exactly he is. So basically, he doesn’t match up very well with just about anyone we know.

What did Raina become?


In the midst of an eyeless figure and Skye going all Earth-Bender on us, many forgot that Raina was sprouting porcupine needles. Unfortunately, this is another that we simply don’t know. Some have suggested Tigra, but really we have no good guesses at all. This is truly one that we will have to wait and see.

When will Agents of SHIELD come back?


This was a mid-season finale, but we have to wait a considerable amount of time between now and when Agents of SHIELD comes back. In fact, we won’t see another episode until March. Supposedly, Agents of SHIELD will fit into Age of Ultron, but it needs to be timed to Agents of SHIELD’s arrival. I personally think that it’s more postponed to allow hype for Agent Carter, the 8-part miniseries which premieres in January.

I am seeing this largely as a season unto itself, with a clear rise and fall of a singular villain and a set-up into a new season at the end. I loved this season so far and will recap pretty soon. For now and for the future of AoS, only time will tell.


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