Sidekicks I would like on-screen

Marvel, for the most part, doesn’t do the sidekick thing. Stan Lee didn’t like the idea back in the 60’s, so we don’t have a whole lot of them. Obviously, we do have them. Bucky, Falcon, War Machine, and Lady Sif and the Warrior’s Three have already appeared on screen. That being said, there are a couple sidekicks that I would like to see on screen that have not found their way in just yet.

Rick Jones


Rick Jones is probably the most influential sidekick in all of Marvel. He was introduced as early as Incredible Hulk #1. He, on a dare, drove onto a restricted testing site just before a gamma bomb was about to go off. Bruce Banner pushed him out of the way, but was exposed to the gamma rays, which turned him into the Hulk.

In the aftermath, Rick Jones was one of the few that could actually control the Hulk. In later days, he found himself as the sidekick to Captain America and even later, Captain Marvel. He found his way around different heroes and was very influential with each hero that he accompanied.

Rick Jones is the epitome of sidekicks in Marvel. He has appeared a couple times in Marvel movies. He was the lab assistant to Eric Bana’s Bruce Banner in 2003. He was also in the Incredible Hulk in an Easter Egg appearance. That being said, Rick Jones was never felt in his full capabilities within Marvel movies. He was never the sidekick that he was in the comics.

Beta-Ray Bill


Beta-Ray Bill has something of a cult following. In short, Beta-Ray Bill was chosen as the guardian of his race as they fled from a horde of demons from another galaxy. He was genetically reconstructed to be the single one of his race awake to guide his people. SHIELD took Bill for a threat and asked Thor to intervene. In the battle that resulted, Bill picked up Thor’s Hammer, much to Thor’s shock.

Thor and Bill battled for the rights to the hammer, in which Bill won. In order to allow his son to continue with the powers of Thor, Odin had another hammer forged for Beta-Ray Bill to hold, called Stormbreaker. He then took the hammer and returned to his people to act as guardian. Several times, he has returned to Thor in order to help him fight in whatever battle Thor happened to be in.

Beta-Ray Bill has not appeared in Marvel movies at all. Frankly, I don’t anticipate him, either. He was active in the Ragnarok storyline, but I don’t see him being introduced in the movie. This is unfortunate for me as a fan of Bill, but you can’t have every character you want.

Black Cat


Felicia Hardy was the Black Cat. She was one of the big sex appeals in Marvel Comics for a very long time. She would not be the Black Cat without the black leather and form-fitting costume. She was something of a copycat (pun intended) of DC’s Catwoman, but quickly developed her own fan base.

Black Cat fell for and developed a relationship with Spider-Man, but never really appreciated Peter Parker. She tried to convince Peter to stay Spider-Man and abandon Peter Parker, but Peter chose his secret identity over his costumed identity. She still adored Spider-Man for years, coming to his aide during the Civil War.

Felicia was briefly introduced in the Amazing Spider-Man 2, but was not given a last name, much less any reference to Black Cat. There is rumors of a female-led Spider-Man movie in the works and many speculate that it is Black Cat.

Sidekicks are not necessarily the norm in Marvel. There have already been a couple in the movies, especially the big ones, but I have a couple others in mind that I would like to see grace the screen. I know that not every one that I would like to see will make it to the screen, but only time will tell.

Are there others for you? What Marvel sidekicks do you want to see? Let me know in the comments.


One response to “Sidekicks I would like on-screen

  1. You know, I think it would make sense if the would introduce Felicia as love interest for Peter before Mary Jane. It would make sense that after what happened with Gwen, that he now would be tempted to go all Spider-man, loosing himself in the process, before deciding that he wants to be Peter Parker first and foremost…and then the way is free for a relationship with Mary Jane.

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