Apocalypse Cast

First and foremost, let me say that I am back! I have been ill for the past two weeks, but I’m better now and ready to return to writing.

One of the big pieces of news that happened while I was gone was the casting of Apocalypse. The titular villain of the next X-men movie, Apocalypse is one of the greatest villains in X-men.


Oscar Isaac, an actor who has flown almost under the radar for the past couple years, has played rolls in Drive, Inside Llewyn Davis, and Sucker Punch over the past couple years.

So who is Apocalypse again? Basically, he is the world’s oldest mutant, coming back from the days of Ancient Egypt. His original name was En Sabah Nur. His abilities are not necessary clearly expressed, although at different times he has expressed healing abilities, teleportation, energy manipulation, and numerous others.

Apocalypse never really works alone, either. He appoints 4 mutants to do his “dirty work”. These are his horsemen. We can expect the horsemen to make an appearance, because of the post-credits of Days of Future Past (which showed four horsemen in the background). As we get much closer to the release, I will probably begin predicting which mutants will see as horsemen (Gambit, anyone?).


There was also some connections to some alien technology, but frankly I don’t expect that to play much of a roll in the movie.

I am excited to see how they are going to transform Oscar Isaac into the X-men villain. His costume, as you can see above, is rather strange. For now, only time will tell.

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