Avengers 2 – Why is Tony back in armor?


The end of Iron Man 3 left us with quite a shock, as (spoilers) Tony destroyed all of his suits as a Christmas present to Pepper. This left the big question, what does that mean for the future of Iron Man? At the time, talks weren’t yet finalized for Robert Downey Junior’s contracts. He has since signed on for two more Avenger movies and is now in talks for Captain America 3, as well.

So what happened? Iron Man 3 definitely led us to believe that Tony was not planning on suiting up, although everyone knew that he would probably step back into armor again. The trailers for Avengers 2 have shown Tony in armor, and Hulkbuster armor too (although there are the people who say that Ultron is in the armor, I don’t buy it).

So here are some possible reasons that Tony could be back in the armor.

Tony and Pepper have split.


One line of thought says that Pepper and Tony have gone different directions. I wouldn’t blame her for walking, with her constant life danger over the past couple years. In light of the split, Tony returned to his building of suits. Furthermore, it could have led to Tony’s venture into global protection services, therefore the creation of Ultron as well.

The only real evidence toward this in any way, shape, or form is the fact that Pepper is not contracted for this movie. This could be for any number of reasons, however.

Tony rebuilds mid movie


It is possible that Tony begins the movie without a suit. He may have worked on the Ultron program in substitute for Iron Man. Later, when things go wrong, however, Tony needs the suit again, so he rebuilds.

The big issue with this is that I don’t think Tony would be able to build the suits so quickly, especially including the Hulk buster. All together, I don’t think this will end up being the reason.

Tony can’t stop


Tony has an almost impulsive need to build. This, along with his PTSD after the Battle of New York, led to the issues with Tony’s psyche in Iron Man 3. It’s possible that after establishing a “blank slate”, he continued to build, just because he is Tony.

This could either be presented as an obsessive behavior with Tony or presented as a “I was born to do it”.

We won’t have an explanation


It’s possible that the beginning of the Avengers may not address the issue at all. We may simply have to “just deal with it”.

Whatever it ends up being, I suspect it will simply be thrown aside with a one-line solution, similarly to Thor arriving on Earth in the Avengers (“how much dark energy did the Allfather have to muster to conjure you here, your precious Earth?”). What do you think? One of these? Or will it be something else. Sound off in the comments, but only time will tell.


2 responses to “Avengers 2 – Why is Tony back in armor?

  1. Other possibility: He doesn’t suit up.

    There is not one scene in the trailer which shows the iron man suit with an open mask. It is impossible to tell if tony is in any of those suits at all.

  2. Or, he decides to build again after the destruction of SHIELD and the emergence of HYDRA. It’s hard to see how Pepper would want to remain neutral after she herself said that the suits are pretty addictive. . .

    I’m also not sure why everyone assumes that Tony was explicitly giving up being IronMan simply because he scrapped his armors and got rid of his schrapnel. I think that was more of a gesture of evolution to who he is, and that he was finally letting go of his insecurities.

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