Captain America Villain News

Captain America: Civil War is going to be the focus of a lot of attention in the coming months. Not only is it based on one of the most beloved story arcs of all time, it’s also quickly adding to its cast and plot. This week, we have two interesting pieces of information regarding the villain of the movie.


Evidently, Iron Man is not going to be the chief villain, as many expected going into the Civil War. Instead, there have been some big rumors floating around regarding Crossbones being the chief villain of the movie. Crossbones, played by Frank Grillo, was set up quite wonderfully in Captain America: Winter Soldier. The next time we see him, I fully expect a mask and costume, as well as a quest for vengeance. The rumors around the internet say that Crossbones will play the main roll of villain in the film. Bear this with a grain of salt, as they are almost sourceless. In the comics, Crossbones was always a great henchmen, but never a mastermind.


On top of that news, we also have confirmation of a new actor taking on a villainous roll in Cap 3. Daniel Bruhl, known for Rush and Inglorious Basterds, has signed on for an unknown roll. The only confirmed thing about this roll is that it is as a villain. Speculation immediately exploded across the internet that Bruhl would be playing Baron Von Zemo.


Who is Baron Von Zemo? One of the earliest villains of Captain America, Baron Zemo formed the Masters of Evil, a team of Anti-Avengers formed of different villains across the various rogues galleries. Zemo was wearing a hood when a super-glue, called Adhesive X, splashed on him, making it impossible to take the hood off. He was also quite adapt at swordsmanship. Cap held Zemo responsible for the death of Bucky (who he didn’t know was alive for another 40 years) and killed him in Avengers #15. Later, Zemo’s descendent took up the hood and continued on to this day as Baron Zemo.

Of course, there is no confirmation that Bruhl will be playing Zemo. The fans are very excited about that possibility, however unconfirmed it is. I’m excited to see how the movie balances the villains and the storyline of Civil War. Truly, only time will tell.

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