Dr. Doom’s New Origins

The Fantastic Four is coming out next summer. That being said, we have seen almost nothing. We have no set pictures or footage. Even the actors are being barred from talking at all about the film, despite filming being done for months now.

It sounds like some of the actors are getting antsy to talk about their rolls. Toby Kebbell, the actor playing Doctor Doom, has recently spoken about his roll. Check out what he says:

“I’m excited to see it too, and my nerves really…The only thing I can tease you about is what I worked on most was the voice because nobody—even in the cartoons, when I was watching them I was like, “So where’s he from?”  There’s a mild change and I’ll tell you because of our history.”
And later,
“He’s Victor Domashev, not Victor Von Doom in our story.  And I’m sure I’ll be sent to jail for telling you that.  The Doom in ours—I’m a programmer.  Very anti-social programmer.  And on blogging sites I’m “Doom”.”
So what do you think? A blogging, anti-social programmer named Doom? What do you think?

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