Agents of SHIELD – Season 2: Episode 7

Clark Greg demonstrates some serious acting chops. Grant Ward proves himself an intimidating villain and a strong force in the series. The dual story lines were managed effectively. The episode moves the storyline along so much farther than any other episode. This was one of the best and definitely the most important in the season.

And now, just because there were some serious name drops, I’d like to briefly discuss the two references in the episode. There was a character named Micro referenced. This character was an ally of Punisher in the comics, providing weapons and tech help. Also, the Triskelion was mentioned. The Triskelion was the Ultimate version of the Avengers tower.
Lastly, (spoilers) I think this episode has confirmed the blue people as Atlanteans based on the emphasis on a city, but only time will tell.


One response to “Agents of SHIELD – Season 2: Episode 7

  1. Well, we have seen the Triskelion multiple times during The Winter Soldier, but I doubt we will see it again…it looked very destroyed after the Helicarriers crashed into it.

    To me it looks like they are setting up a lot of inhumans mythology now, but they can’t do too much in this direction because the movie has first dips and has to be understandable without knowing the show. We’ll see.

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