The Death of Captain America


One of the big questions regarding the future of Marvel is in regards to Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers. Captain America movies have been the pillars of Phase 1 and Phase 2, doing the most to move forward the Universe and connect varying elements together. That being said, the big question revolves around Cap’s life expectancy. Will Captain America die? If so, when?

So let’s look at them one question at a time.

Will Cap Kick the Bucket?


For my part, I say yes. For three reasons.

1. Contracts. Chris Evans is signed on for two more Avenger movies and one more Cap movie. After that, the actor has expressed interest in retiring from acting (or taking a break. He shifts his opinion at different interviews). Meanwhile, Sebastian Stan has been signed on for… wait for it… 9 more comic book movies. If he played Bucky in every movie between Age of Ultron and Avengers 3, then he would fulfill his obligations before Chris Evans, but let’s face it. He will be around after Evans’ contract expires. To me, this signals a taking up the shield for Bucky.

2. Comic Precedent. In the comics, Cap’s death was a big deal. At the end of the Civil War, as Cap is being brought to the Courthouse to answer for his actions in rebellion, he is shot by Crossbones. He is then subsequently shot by Sharon Carter (Agent 13, from Cap 2) who has been brainwashed. Immediately after, Bucky took up the shield and became the “new Captain America” for a year or two.

3. Conclusion. Phase 3 will signal the end of a portion of the MCU. Thanos finally steps up as villain. All the trilogies are done. It will signal something of a finale. I would not be surprised if the MCU continues beyond Phase 3 (Guardians 3 and maybe some other franchises), but the Avengers as we know it will be done. Consequently, the death of the team’s leader would be an excellent way of providing the finality.

So I say, yes, Captain America will definitely kick the bucket on screen.

When will it happen?


As far as I see it, Cap’s death will happen in one of three movies. Each option has a strong argument.

1. Captain America: Civil War. This is the one that would line up most with the comics. Cap died at the end of the Civil War in comics, so why wouldn’t he die at the end of the Civil War in the movies? The comic precedent strongly hints at this movie.

2. Avengers: Infinity War Part 1. This is the movie that is strongly backed by the contract obligations. Chris Evans has signed on for three Avenger movies. This would be his third movie. He may be under arrest, he may die in the opening minutes, or he may die at the end of this movie. Either way, the contracts say that it would be this movie.

3. Avengers: Infinity War Part 2. This would provide the biggest sense of conclusion for the MCU. It would involve Cap sticking around for a good amount of time after the CIvil War. It would involve Chris Evans signing on for another movie. But it would provide a very nice end to the MCU’s third phase and the Avengers trilogy.

In short, I do believe he will die. I can see strong arguments toward each of the movies he may die in, but until I hear about contract renegotiations, I would say that he will probably die in Avengers 3, part 1. Bucky will take up his shield almost immediately.

I am very curious about your thoughts. Answer the poll. If you have specific thoughts, sound off in the comments. All of us will have to simply wait it out and see, because only time will tell.

5 responses to “The Death of Captain America

    • Falcon has very recently taken up the shield, yes. I believe this is the first time he has ever done so. He ways always more of a sidekick.

  1. I am sure, if they kill him it will only be temporary, and I am equally sure that nobody else will take up his shield. This is not the comic continuity, where they can reboot however they want and nobody blinks an eye when they just replace a character. The movie audience is not as easy to sold on the concept that Captain America is not a person but a title. And if Marvel is smart, they will just retire the character until they can pull Chris Evans back.

      • I think that they will use him however and wherever they want. The contracts are very practical for the studio, but I don’t think that they had anything specifically planed aside from pinning the actor down for as many movies as possible. In fact I read somewhere that Marvel had a really hard time to get Evans at all because of his experience with the Fantastic Four. Therefore they went down from the original 9 movie contract they wanted to make with him to a 6 movie contract. In short, the nine movie contract the actor of Bucky has is simply the standard Marvel usually goes for with their actors by now.

        To me the contracts are mostly interesting in terms which storyline Marvel better finishes when to ensure that all actors they need are still available (I am ready to bet if they could be sure to have the core actors from the beginning for longer, they would wait with the Infinity war a little bit more, but since they might not have the option to use all of them later on, they do it as late as possible while still being sure that the main Avengers can be present). But they are pretty useless for prediction in how many movies an actor will actually be turn up in. Remember the first Rhodey.

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