Infinity Stones – Where and How?


Now that we have a glimpse at Phase 3, let’s take a quick look at where the Infinity Stones may land. We have 3 confirmed stones, 1 speculated stone, and 2 that we can simply guess. So why the heck not?

Quickly, to review, there are six stones, as seen above. Each is based on one form of existence, basically six dimensions. We have the stone of Space, Time, Reality, Power, Soul, and Mind. They have been referred to as stones and gems, so I will use them interchangeably.

The Confirmed

The Tesseract


The Tesseract has been confirmed as an Infinity Stone. It was based on the Cosmic Cube in the comics, which was not originally a stone. This cube was the source of movement throughout the whole Phase 1. It is largely assumed to be the “space stone”, because it is referred to as a “doorway” across the Universe.

The Tesseract is currently in possession of Asgard and will likely be moved to Thanos’ or other hands during Thor: Ragnarok.

The Aether


In Thor 2, we saw the Aether, the objective of the Dark Elves. It was seen as darkness-spreading and possibly possessing. It has largely been assumed to be the “reality stone”, but has also been speculated as being the “soul stone”, due to its possession capabilities. The reality theory is the dominant among fans.

Currently, the reality stone is under the care of the Collector. It can be moved into the possession of Thanos or others during Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

The Orb


The Orb was seen in Guardians of the Galaxy. For the first time, we actually saw the gem itself, resting inside the orb. This gem was purple, but if we go with the color scheme of the comics it throws off every speculation (the purple gem was space). The assumption of this stone has been “power”, but for no particular reason other than its destructive capabilities. Frankly, it worked very similarly to the Aether, both simply focusing on destruction.

The Orb is currently held by the Nova Corps. It could be moved to Thanos’ or others’ hands during Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

The Speculated

The Staff


Loki’s glow-stick of destiny is largely being assumed to be an Infinity Stone. My biggest issue with the theory is that it would mean that Thanos bet an Infinity Stone on Loki in order to get another. The Avengers led us to believe that the Staff was powered by the Tesseract, although it could be said they acted similarly because they were both Infinity Gems.

If we are to assume that it is an Infinity Gem, then we can say that it probably is the “mind gem”, due to its ability to control people’s minds. It could be argued that it was the soul, for similar reasons, but the dominant thought is the mind.

We know that the Staff will play a roll in the Avengers 2, where we will doubtlessly learn more.

The Guesswork

The Eye of Agamotto


The Eye of Agomotto is part of Doctor Strange’s tools. It’s an amulet that Strange wears around his neck that allows him to see good from evil. If this does take a part in the Doctor Strange movie, we cold argue that it’s possibly an Infinity Stone, namely the Soul Stone.

The biggest issue with this is that the Eye has already appeared in the MCU. In Odin’s Trophy Room, we saw this image:


This is the Eye, but that doesn’t necessary mean it will be recognized as THE EYE in the MCU. It’s highly likely that the MCU will also be ignoring the fact that the Infinity Gauntlet itself was seen in the same throne room. It’s possible that the MCU will simply pretend that these didn’t happen. They may be seen as simply Easter Eggs, with no more meaning than that.

Terrigen Crystals


The Inhumans get their abilities from the Terrigen Mists, which come off the Terrigen Crystals. If the mists and crystals are actually part of the movie, then it’s reasonable to think that they may be considered an Infinity Stone. The issue is that they don’t neatly fit into the themes. Unless they are saying that the mists rapidly evolve the individuals (thereby bypassing TIME), they don’t quite fit. If the “power” stone wasn’t taken, then it would be nicely fitting.

There are the big six. As I’ve said, three are confirmed, two are speculated, and one is assumed. We have a good 5 years until the end of the Infinity War. Doubtlessly we’ll learn so much more and be shocked by the end results. For now, we can only guess. Only time will tell.


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