Inhumans – Everything We Know


For the last two weeks or so, I have been writing about every movie in Phase 3. Today is the final day of this, culminating in the Inhumans. This movie is not set to come out until November 2, 2018. So four years from now, we will finally see the movie on screen. In the meantime will doubtlessly be directors considered, actors hinted, and all the speculation in the world will be heard. So, by all means, let’s begin today!

First off, the comic background.


Basically, hundreds of thousands of years ago, the Kree went to our solar system in order to scout out new locations in the Kree-Skrull war. They found life on Earth and began to experiment. They created a society in which every human had a super-power. Think of an entire race of, basically, mutants.

The Inhumans’ abilities also are brought out through exposure to the Terrigen Mist. The mist effects the Inhumans specifically. The mist is toxic to normal humans. The mist comes off Terrigen Crystals as vapor. At a certain coming of age time, the Inhumans are exposed to the mist and given their abilities.


The Inhumans are ruled by a royal family. Chief among the family is Black Bolt. Black Bolt is considered one of the most powerful beings on Earth. A whispered word from him can level a mountain range. A shout from him would be beyond catastrophic. Consequently, Black Bolt remains completely silent.


Black Bolt’s wife is named Medusa. Although also containing speed, strength, agility (almost all the Inhumans have this), Medusa also has the ability to use her hair like another limb. She is the Queen of the Inhumans for most of the duration of the comic run.


The main villain of the Inhumans is Maximus the Mad. Maximus is a lot like Loki. He is Black Bolt’s younger brother, who continuously seeks to usurp the throne from Black Bolt. A couple times, he has been successful. Aside from just being a genius, which is remarkably true, Maximus has a certain ability of mind control.

There are other Inhumans in the comics, such as Gorgon, Crystal, and Karnak, who will probably be featured in the movie, but these three are the core that will be in the movie for sure. Black Bolt is one of the wisest in the Marvel Universe. He was in the Illuminati, a group consisting of the wisest leaders in the Universe (including Xavier, Namor, and Mister Fantastic) designed to prevent world disasters from occurring (spoiler: they basically fail).


It’s four years away, so I won’t predict too much. Not only will the Marvel Cinematic Universe be fundamentally changed by movies such as Guardians 2, Ragnarok, and Avengers 3: Part 1, but also the whole market may have changed. Four years ago, the first Avengers had not yet come out. Thor and Captain America had not come out. Superhero movies as a whole were different. The market is going to be different by that time in ways that we cannot yet predict.

That being said, I will be doing a lot of reading in the Inhumans for the next couple months, just to get a better grip. I’m sure you’ll see some of my personal ideas and speculations in the next couple years. There is so much that we don’t know, and frankly, at this point only time will tell.


2 responses to “Inhumans – Everything We Know

  1. To me it looks like they are currently setting up the concept of the Inhumans in AoS.
    Medusa and Black Panther sound great. But I hope that they adjust Mad Max a little bit. Between Loki and Nebula we don’t need another Sibling rivalry in the MCU.

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