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In light of the previous week’s release of Phase 3 titles, I have taken the opportunity to write on a movie a day. I’m almost done (you can check back on the previous titles below), with only Captain Marvel and the Inhumans remaining. Today is the Captain Marvel movie.

First things first, let’s take a look at the comic background.

The first Captain Marvel was Mar-Vell, a member of the Kree species. He was sent as a spy to scope out Planet Earth for a possible invasion. Mar-Vell decided to betray his people and fight on behalf of Earth. There was an accident that took place on Earth, which infected Carol Danvers with Kree energy. She became a superhero named Miss Marvel. Miss Marvel was a long-time Avenger, but also worked with SHIELD for a long time. She was one of the big names fighting for registration during the Civil War, almost as Iron Man’s right-hand (wo)man.


In the eighties, Captain Mar-Vell discovered that he had cancer, given to him by one of the battles that he had fought. In a graphic novel, one of the biggest comic events in the decade, Mar-Vell died on Mars, surrounded by his closest friends. Unlike almost every other character in Marvel (aside from those beloved by Peter Parker), Mar-Vell stayed dead. He was seen in a couple afterlife forms and once through time travel, but his death was a final event in Marvel.

Now, let’s look at the MCU. It has been confirmed that “Captain Marvel” will be Carol Danvers, who in the comics recently was renamed Captain Marvel. Therefore this will mostly be a Miss Marvel movie. In one of the articles I wrote a couple weeks ago, I actually pointed out Miss Marvel as one of the feminine-based movies that could be done.

Miss Marvel’s abilities include flight and energy manipulation. She is actually considered one of the more powerful Avengers.


One of the big things that will certainly be going around the Internet for the next couple months is fan casting. Basically, you’ll see a lot of articles suggesting the top 5 actresses who could play Miss Marvel. They will mostly be focusing on well-shaped blonde bombshells. I would dare say that we need an actress that not only looks like the part (which, to be fair, Miss Marvel always had a very sexualized outfit), but also can act with the intensity necessary.

Miss Marvel (or should I start calling her Captain Marvel now?) was never a pushover. I would throw out some names such as Emily Blunt or maybe even Julia Stiles. You’ll hear a lot of “this actress is perfect”. I would say look more for acting chops that a fitting body.

One of the big things that I am wondering about is what the story would look like. Carol Danvers doesn’t have many villains for her specifically instead of the Avengers. She has an interesting confortation with Rogue, but obviously that lands in copyrights issues.


The Kree has an established presence in the MCU. I would still dare to say that her origin will still be of the Kree. I wonder if Mar-Vell will be in the movie or not. Personally, I hope so.

Of course, this movie also takes place between the two Infinity Wars movies. How much will that factor into the story itself? There are so many questions I have, but this is literally years away. Only time will tell.

8 responses to “Captain Marvel – Everything We Know

  1. It’s too early…they haven’t even settled on a director, and in the end, a casting is decided based on a directors vision. Plus, a lot can happen in the coming years. Who knows which actresses will emerge until then? Being blonde is certainly necessary, you can always dye the hair.

    • I agree that is exceptionally early. The article was most meant for comic background and to allow the beginnings of discussion for the movie. Also, simply to allow me to rant some about each specific movie. Hahaha

  2. “should I start calling her Captain Marvel now?” Yes. Yes you should. That’s her name in the comics. That’s the name she’ll have in her own movie four years from now, so it’s the name she’s likely to keep in the comics. So yes, you should absolutely, unquestionably be calling her Captain Marvel, because that is her codename.

    “Miss Marvel,” on the other hand, was never her codename. She previous went by Ms. Marvel.

    • To be fair, she was Ms. Marvel for over 40 years of canon. I think I have a right to call her it. Just like we call Hank Pym Ant-Man, but for a lot of his time he was referred to as Giant Man instead.

      • Actually, she was Ms. Marvel for about 3 years, then she spent over a decade as Binary, then several more years as Warbird. She went back to Ms. Marvel in 2005, until 2012. By the time her movie hits, she’ll have spent 6 years as Captain Marvel.

      • The character is widely known as Ms. Marvel. Even Marvel’s own website still refers to her as such. That’s great that you know the times she was called different things, but her legacy has been through Ms. Marvel, and that’s what most readers would know her as. I serve as a resource for those that don’t know a lot about comics to give basic comic background to Marvel movies. The best way to do that is with the name that most people know her as.
        What’s your interest in it? Do you go through other blogs and nitpick? Why do you care?

      • It was mostly because you kept referring to her as Miss Marvel. More to the point, you raised the question of whether you should be calling her Captain. I’m of the mind that, yes, people should be calling her Captain Marvel, since that’s now her name, and will remain so for the foreseeable future, particularly in her own movie. When talking about her movie, it makes sense to call her by the name she will be using in it. When talking about her past as Ms. Marvel, then it makes sense to use that name, but when talking about her present, it’s better to use her present name.

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