Avengers: Infinity War – Everything We Know


In light of the mass Phase 3 announcements earlier last week, I have decided to write about one movie every day. I have done most of Phase 3 already, but today is the day that I break my one-movie rule. Today is the day where I talk about Avengers: Infinity War, Part One and Part Two. Although there are two movies between part one and two, there is nothing I can say about part 2 that is not first applied to part 1.

So what can we expect for Avengers: Infinity Wars in general?

Well, in a word, death.

But first, let me make a quick apology. I have the personal principle that I cannot brag endlessly about the things that I am right about if I do not acknowledge where I am wrong. Frankly, I was wrong about Thanos in Avengers 3. I continuously predicted that Thanos would not appear in Avengers 3, but rather later on in the timeline. Swanpride and others predicted first that Thanos would appear. So, they were right and I was wrong. Now, on to more things that I predict with little to no basis!

The teaser-release, where they announced the name of Avengers 3 (and 3.5?), showed Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet. Check that out below.

So, we know that, not only does Thanos feature as the primary villain, but also that he assembles the Inifinity Gauntlet with the Infinity Stones. Of course, we had known that for a while, as Thanos would not be Thanos without his Infinity Gauntlet.

Comic background time: Thanos was obsessed with death. In an attempt to court death (literally, death as a physical being), Thanos assembled the Infinity Gauntlet and turned its power on the Universe. He erased half the life in the Universe in an instant, including some heroes. Spider-Man released Adam Warlock (one of the more powerful beings in the Universe) to fight Thanos and he defeated him. In the wake of death in the Universe, the Living Tribunal, the personal representative of the One Above All, restored the life that had been silenced.


The fact that we have a two-part movie does mean that Marvel will spend some considerable time establishing the gauntlet before fully unleashing Thanos upon the Universe. I think that this means that Avengers 3 part 1 will feature the assembling of the Infinity Stones from wherever they are arranged at the end of Phase 3, whereas part 2 will feature Thanos actually in full power, fighting on Earth.

Why on Earth? I have a why and I have a how. As for the why, simply because most of the Avengers are Earth-tethered. It’s still an Avengers movie. Captain America in a space suit doesn’t quite work, visually. So I definitely think that the search for the stones will bring Thanos to Earth. How? I think the last Infinity Stone will be on Earth. Thanos will have five, needing only one, and that last stone will be found on Earth.


The beautiful thing about this movie is that there is very little need for buildup of new characters. Virtually all the characters we will see (that we know about right now) will already be established in the Universe. Of course, there’s no telling if they will bring in some new ones, just like they did with Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Vision, but I prefer sticking to the established Universe.

The reason the Avengers worked so well was because the characters had already been given room to grow. I say that the Avengers 3 should follow the same formula, working with what has already been established.


Of course, the issue that I see immediately is with contract lengths. Most actors, including Robert Downey Junior, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Renner, and others, have only signed up for three Avenger movies. Part 2 would make four movies. That means that the characters must either be written out (killed?) or renegotiated in order to continue onward with the same characters. For some, such as Hemsworth, that’s no big deal. He has said he will continue as long as the fans want him. Then there’s Chris Evans, who initially made a big deal about saying he was taking a break from acting, in order to focus on directing. He has since attempted to step back from that statement, but has not denied still being on his break. In short, it would take a lot of negotiation to still bring him to the table. Robert Downey Junior also expects large paychecks to continue onward. It can all be done, but it will take a lot of negotiation and perhaps money to bring it all together.

This movie will be the climax of the MCU as we know it. We have the team that has been brought up since the beginning and the villain that has been teased for a long time. It’s remarkably early to talk too much about the containments of this movie, but this is the big one after Age of Ultron. I am very excited for these two movies. I have a lot of questions, but frankly, only time will tell.


2 responses to “Avengers: Infinity War – Everything We Know

  1. To be fair, I didn’t expect them to wrap the story up that fast. Though it makes sense, after all, it would be difficult to pin all the actors they need down otherwise. Plus, RDJ is not getting younger.

    Considering how many characters they have to juggle with, it is entirely possible that some actors will only in one part of the two parter. We’ll see.

    I suspect that it is time for Thanos to find some of the gems. And the gauntlet. I somehow expect him to acquire the gauntlet and the tesseract during Ragnarok.

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