Doctor Strange – Everything We Know


In light of the massive Phase 3 announcement earlier this week, I have elected to take a look at everything we know and the comic background for each of the announced movies. So far, I’ve done Ant-Man and Captain America: Civil War. Today, I’m taking a look at Doctor Strange.

Just a day before the big news drop of Phase 3, we heard that Benedict Cumberbatch was cast for the roll of Stephen Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme of Marvel. Cumberbatch is one of the biggest casting announcements for a while, having starred in Sherlock, The Hobbit, Star Trek, and 12 Years A Slave. Basically, he is one of the most loved men on Tumblr, second only to Tom Hiddleston, AKA Loki.

So the question that most comic fans will be answering for about a year: Who the heck is Doctor Strange?


Stephen Strange was a brilliant neurosurgeon. Unfortunately, he was in a car accident. In the original comics, he lost the use of his hands. In the Ultimate Universe, he loses his wife and unborn child. Either way, this accident takes him on a search through the world for a higher power. He finds this power with the Ancient One.

The Ancient One taught Strange the ways of magic. The Ancient One passed his title of Sorcerer Supreme to Strange, which basically means that he is the go-to authority for all things magic in the world.

He returned to New York, setting up shop in an old house called the Sanctum Sanatorum. He was aided by a friend, a young bald man named Wong. Here, Strange works almost as a case-worker for magical issues here and there. People come to him with their magical issues and he determines the correct course of action.You can see how this would serve a comic pretty well, with each issue a unique story.

That being said, it is hard to mention Strange without talking about one of his most iconic events, which I hope makes it to the screen in one way or another. Back in this day, most issues were single plot-lines, with very few multiple-issue storylines to go around. During this time, Marvel debuted a 17-issue storyline about Doctor Strange exploring space and time. Midway in the adventure, he meets the literal embodiment of Eternity. It’s on many classic moment lists for fans.


One of the chief villains for Doctor Strange, whom I hope will be brought into the movie, is Baron Mordo. He was on of the Ancient One’s best followers, who attempted to kill him to usurp the roll of Sorcerer Supreme. He was foiled by Strange, and since he has been one of Strange’s longest enduring villains.

Of course, it is very early to suggest any possible plot or rolls for the movie, but if you hear about casting for names, I would like you to be familiar with them (such as Wong, Baron Mordo, the Ancient One, or maybe even Eternity).


This will be a big leap for Marvel. It is probably the most ambitious project they will take on since Guardians of the Galaxy. It will open up the realms of magic into the MCU. He has been hinted at, with a name drop in Captain America 2 and parts of his magic referenced in Thor 2 (the spectral plane was on a chalkboard. It’s where most of his abilities come from).

Like I said, this is early on to speculate, but I will anyways, because I love to. For now, only time will tell.

Check back tomorrow for everything we know on Guardians of the Galaxy 2.


2 responses to “Doctor Strange – Everything We Know

  1. We also know that Scott Derrickson is directing Doctor Strange. His previous credits include Sinister, The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and The Day the Earth Stood Still.

    Fun fact: Scott Derrickson went to Biola University and attended the same semester long film program that I am currently attending. So… there is hope for me to make it big.

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