Captain America: Civil War – Everything We Know


With Marvel’s bombshell of a phase 3 released earlier this week, I have taken it on myself to take a look at each movie and summarize what we know, both announced and from a comic background. Yesterday was Ant-Man (read it here) and today is Captain America: Civil War.

I have the personal rule that I cannot brag about things I am right about without acknowledging the things that I am wrong about. So, let me say right off the bat that I was wrong about the extent of the Civil War within the MCU. I had thought that the Civil War would compose both Cap 3 and Avengers 3. I was wrong. Evidently the event is limited to Cap 3 alone.


In the comics, the Civil War is considered one of the greatest events of all time. To summarize the comic arc, a team of super-powered heroes make a mistake in Stamford Connecticut, leading to an explosion that kills 600 people, many of them children. In response, the US Government passes the Superhero Registration Act, requiring all super-powered individuals to register with the government, essentially becoming a police force for the government. It’s Tony Stark that is at the head of this police force. Captain America decides that this law is a breach of civil rights and refuses, becoming the leader of the rebellion.

The storyline includes just about every hero that has ever graced the pages of a Marvel comic, each of them taking a side in the war. There are a few key moments, such as the cloning of Thor, the demasking of Spider-Man, Spider-Man’s changing sides, Goliath’s death, and three individual battles that have ramifications all across the story arc. It’s, in my opinion, something of a masterpiece, but that’s obviously coming from a rather big Marvel nerd.

In the end, Captain America decides that his rebellion is no longer in the best interest of the people, who are in grave danger in the midst of the final battle in Manhatten. He surrenders and registers. Although a few rebels keep fighting a little later, this largely signals the end of the Civil War. While on his way to trial, Captain America is shot by Crossbones and is killed.


Captain America movies have formed something of the framework of the MCU. They introduced the Tesseract in Phase 1, disbanded SHIELD in Phase 2, and evidently signal war in Phase 3. I have great hopes for this movie.

Robert Downey Junior is in late talks to appear in Cap 3, although the talks aren’t final. I have little doubt that he will sign on and give us the Cap – Iron Man showdown we are waiting to see. Also, Chadwick Boseman, the actor who has signed on for Black Panther in a total of 5 movies, is rumored to be included in this movie as well.


For more comic background, Black Panther initially attempted to work as peacemaker between Cap and Iron Man. He used his wedding to Storm (of the X-men) to provide neutral ground (taking place in Wauconda and not the US, it was out of the realm of the war) for peace talks. They failed. Later, Black Panther decided to back Captain America, and fought alongside him for the final battle.

Chris Evans has signed on for 3 Captain America movies and 3 Avenger movies. That being said, there are the strong rumors that Captain America will die at the end of his third movie. Personally, I think that the contracts talk more than anything else.

Truly, we don’t know much about Cap 3. We know that it will be big and will hopefully blow our minds. Truly, only time will tell.

Tomorrow, I’ll be looking at everything we know about Doctor Strange.

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