Ant-Man: Everything We Know


Yesterday was completed with the big bombshell of the complete Phase 3 line-up. I decided within twelve minutes of reading the titles that I was going to have to spend a lot of time looking at the possibilities of each movie. So, I will now start analyzing each movie every day for the next week or so. I will give the comic background and what we know.

First up is the first movie of Phase 3: Ant-Man.


The original Ant-Man was Hank Pym, the peace-loving scientist who was one of the five founding members of the Avengers in the comics. Pym has been cast as Michael Douglas. Douglas is an older actor and not considered the main protagonist of the film. The real protagonist is Paul Rudd, who plays Scott Lang.

Scott Lang was a custodian whose daughter got very sick. In order to pay for the treatments, Lang stole Ant-Man’s suit and began to rob people. When presented with the ability to do good with it, however, Lang chose to do so. Hank Pym saw that Lang had the ability to do well and allowed him to keep the suit to work as a crime-fighter. Lang fought alongside the Avengers, where he eventually met his death.

Ant-Man uses Pym Particles to grow or shrink. He can go bug-sized at his lower limit and can go up to fifty feet for his upper limit. He also developed methods of communicating with bugs and commanding them to do his will. Consequently, he is often seen riding a flying bug.


The movie focuses on Scott Lang. It’s unclear who the antagonist is, although there is rumors of Yellow Jacket appearing at some point in the movie. There is also rumors that the Wasp will make an appearance as Hank Pym’s daughter instead of his wife. This is also unconfirmed.

If you really want the low-down on Scott Lang, I would recommend this episode of the show Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Although for kids, this entire show is an excellent source of knowledge for all things Marvel.

I’m very excited to see one of my personal favorite heroes brought to screen. I wonder how it’s going to look when all said and done. It’s been in production hell throughout much of its life, but it’s the kick-off of Phase 3, and I am very excited. It is set to come out on July 17, 2015.

I still have a great many questions about the story and the characters, but for now, only time will tell.

Also, check back tomorrow for the low-down on Captain America: Civil War.


5 responses to “Ant-Man: Everything We Know

  1. I have the feeling that every movie which is unfortunate enough to come after Age of Ultron will feel somewhat small. But I really look forward to this one, mostly because rumours says that it is supposed to be a caper. I love a good caper. (Too bad that they didn’t cast Matt Bomer as Lang…or as anything in the MCU, yet).

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