Who is Andy Serkis in Age of Ultron?

Andy Serkis is known as the father of modern motion capture. His work as Gollum in the Lord of the Rings trilogy revolutionized how CGI is done as a whole. Since, he has played King Kong, Caesar in Planet of the Apes, and is even set in an unspecified roll in Star Wars Episode 7. He’s extremely respected in Hollywood.

That being said, he does have face time in the MCU. The recent trailer drop showed this image:


Truthfully, we have no idea who or what Andy will be playing in Age of Ultron. As usual, there are theories. The biggest clue that people have been taking from is that glorious beard. The beard is an odd choice, and looks an awful lot like this:


This is Ulysses Klaw, a villain in the Marvel Universe. Klaw was obsessed with Vibranium, which led him to conflicts with the Black Panther (who rules the nation that all Vibranium is found in). Klaw had a weapon that emitted sonic forces. At one point, Klaw loses his hand and gets his sonic weapon sealed onto his arm in place. He is imprisoned. All of a sudden, another villain comes along, breaks him out, and recruits him to a team. Who is the villain? Ultron, of course.

So let’s be serious. Aside from the obscure, and frankly momentary, connection to Ultron and a similarly shaped beard, there is really very little evidence to assume that Mr. Serkis is actually Mr. Klaw. Really, the beard is the only reason people assume.

There is one other thing that may point toward Klaw.


A broken shield.

Klaw’s emphasis is on vibranium. He loves the stuff. Cap’s shield is apparently broken at some point in Age of Ultron. There’s no direct link, but it’s an interesting connection.

The speculation around Andy Serkis is going to be extensive until we find out. What do you think? Is a beard enough to say he is Klaw? Only time will tell.


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