X-men: Where to go after Apocalypse?


X-men Apocalypse is still over a year away. It has been rumored to be something of a conclusion for the First Class Trilogy. Undoubtedly, it will be massive in scale and destructive in nature. Looking past Apocalypse, however, where can the X-men go afterwards?

The issue is that the X-men have run through most of their story-arcs. We have seen Days of Future Past, the Hellfire Club, and even an attempt at the Phoenix Saga. These are some of the most famous storylines and enemies throughout decades of comics. Another of these famous is Apocalypse, who will be taking the screen very soon. What other stories can the X-men go through?

Well, as usual, I have a couple opinions myself.

The Phoenix Saga


Yes, yes, we saw that. Thank you Brett Ratner for delivering to us a horrible, over-made up, staring witch who was nothing more than a puppet of Magneto. In short, the Phoenix deserves more. As the most celebrated story arc (possibly challenged by Days of Future Past) of X-men, if not Marvel as a whole, the movies deserve to see something more.

The issues is that it would take a lot to get to that point. First, we would have to recast Jean Grey. There are rumors that the directors are looking at recasting Storm, Cyclops, and Storm in much younger rolls. I would prefer a different team than we have seen already, such as Gambit, Havoc, and others that have been focused on more in recent movies (Cable, anyone?).

The second issue is that we have seen Jean Grey alive. At the end of Days of Future past, we see a living Jean Grey, indicating that she survives the thirty-odd years that any future movie would take place in. To go to another Phoenix Saga, first we would need to establish that the “future” is capable of being changed.

Nonetheless, it is one of the greatest story arcs of all time. It deserves a better screen adaptation, and we can do it right now.

House of M / M-Day


Probably the most shaping events of mutant history, this story arc took place in the early 2000’s. Scarlett Witch, after disassembling the Avengers, rewrites the Universe so that Magneto is in charge of everything. After a rebellion and a brief rule, Scarlett Witch rearranges the Universe again, so that it was back to normal…with a few notable exceptions. All but about 200 mutants are no longer mutants. These 200 become something of a traveling refugee camp.

M-Day was almost hinted at in X3, when we saw a “cure” remove many mutants’ abilities. House of M was not done at all.

With Fassenbender, I believe we have a Magneto capable of embodying a Magento that could rule the world. The chief issue is the idea of establishing such a powerful mutant in the X-verse as Scarlett Witch. We saw her extremely briefly as a little girl in Days of Future Past, but does Fox really want her as a mutant capable of rewriting existence?

More likely, we could see Magneto actually taking power without the warping of reality. He has tried on numerous occasions, but I don’t believe we will ever see House of M in full, sadly.

X-men vs. Avengers


Bring on the copyright debate! Yes, these two universes exist separately, but let’s imagine for a moment. The X-men went against The Avengers in a massive event a couple years ago, but also very early in the Ultimate Universe. If a deal were able to be struck, a crossover movie could be one of the highest-grossing movies of all time. Financially, it might actually be more profitable to combine resources and collect a higher paycheck. With both Universes rapidly expanding and reaching for more, a combined Universe could actually be in either company’s best interest. I recognize that it will probably not happen, mostly for fear of two mass companies working together.

The major issues within the storylines themselves mostly revolve around the “why didn’t” moments. Why haven’t mutants been referenced in the MCU? Why hasn’t the Avengers been mentioned in the X-verse? Especially if Apocalypse is as destructive as I predict, it doesn’t make sense for the two Universes to exist together.

That being said, imagine with me. Wolverine verses Hulk. Magneto verses Iron Man. A flashback sequence with Wolverine and Cap in WW2. It could be one of the most profitable movies ever made. I know I would see it about five times.

These are some of the possible directions the movies could take after X-men Apocalypse. The issue that I see is that the movies are running out of recognizable storylines, simply because they’ve been around for fifteen years. These are some ideas for some possible storylines in the future. Which do you want to see? Sound off in the comments, answer the poll, but only time will tell.


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