Civil War Roster: Who will be with who?


With the cries of excitement from fan boys and girls across the world, so too comes the massive speculations about the nature of the screen version of the Civil War. For this article, let’s take a look at the various characters that are already established in the Marvel Universe and see whose side they fall on.



Iron Man: The leader of the Registration Forces, there is very little doubt that he will be pro-registration.

Hawkeye: It’s very likely that Hawkeye will stay with the government and the registration forces.

War Machine: As Tony’s long-term friend, War Machine will likely fight against Cap and friends.



Captain America: The leader of the Anti-Registration Forces, Cap will obviously be anti-Registration.

Falcon: Cap’s buddy, Falcon will most likely side with Captain America instead of the government.

The Defenders: Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist all joined Cap in the comics (Jessica Jones fled to Canada). If they are included in the movies, it is extremely likely they will be featured in Cap’s team. In fact, these three were among Captain America’s inner circle.



Nick Fury: In the comics, Fury sided with Captain America. The SHIELD roll, however, will most likely side with Iron Man in the direction of registration. If I had to guess, I would place Fury with Captain America. It’s unknown, however, at the moment.

Black Widow: Historically, Romanov has sided with wherever Fury sided. Consequently, it is not possible to specifically say which side she will side on. I would also bet with Captain America.

Thor: In the comics, Thor was dead at this time (after Raganok). He was cloned by Tony and fought against Captain America, even killing Goliath, Ant-Man’s sidekick. In the movies, we can’t be sure. Based on his personality, I would see Thor siding with Captain America, but it’s very up in the air.

Hulk: In the comics, Hulk was in the middle of Planet Hulk at this time. It’s hard to determine where he would side, but I would say his bromance with Tony means Pro-Registration.

Ant-Man: In the comics, Hank Pym sided with Iron Man. Scott Lang was dead at the time. I honestly don’t know where Ant-Man will side, although I would say that the character historically would side with Iron Man and the registration.

Doctor Strange: In the comics, Doctor Strange was neutral, praying only for an end to the conflict. With the nature of the character, I would place the good Doctor on the side of Captain America, but it really could swing either way.


As you can see, we really don’t know which direction most of our characters would land, which makes the most fun of all of this. If I am right in all my predictions, this is what the team would look like:

Anti-Registration: Captain America, Falcon, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Nick Fury, Natasha Romanov, Thor, and Doctor Strange.

Pro-Registration: Iron Man, Hawkeye, War Machine, Ant-Man, Hulk, and most of whatever form of SHIELD exists.

I could be wrong about any of these predictions. The Anti-Registration seems a little heavy with this list, but undoubtedly you will see more of these lists as we approach Cap 3 and Avengers 3. That’s far in the future, I grant you, but I cannot help but speculate. For now, only time will tell.


6 responses to “Civil War Roster: Who will be with who?

  1. To be honest…I am not sure how any can built a storyline around the registration issue. Registration only means that people give up their secret identity, right? None of the Avengers even have a secret identity. The ones which came the closest were Black Widow and Hawkeye, and those went out of the window when Black Widow loaded up the Shield files. In which there should be the identity of all people with special powers Shield identified over the years. So why fighting over a list which would contain only information everyone knows either way? I think it has been well established that there isn’t even a way to have a secret identity in the MCU.

      • Registration has been confirmed as the topic of this event. While primarily it did impact the idea of secret identities, it also meant that every hero had to work directly for the government, establishing in effect a superhuman police force, by their simple existence. That could be something that Cap is very against.

  2. Sorry for spamming, but I thought about which character would fall on which side, not based on the actual issue, but based on which characters have ties with each others. Based on this:

    Team Tony: Bruce (because Tony accepts him like nobody else does), Rhodey (naturally), Pepper (not a super hero, but important enough to warrant a mention),

    Team Steve: Sam (naturally, because he doesn’t even know Tony yet), Natasha (she and the cap are kind of friends while Tony doesn’t trust her), Bucky (if they manage to find him),

    I also think that Clint would fall more likely to Steve’s side by default, because he is close to Natasha, while Thor would more likely fall to Tony’s side because of Jane (Tony has practically the science squad on his side) and because I can’t see him becoming involved in a “rebel movement” of another planet. Though staying neutral or fighting for both side as long as they are not workings against each other would be an option for him, too.

    Otherwise it depends on the kind of characters Marvel creates.

    • I agree that it depends on the characters that Marvel creates. I’ve been thinking for a long time on the “what-if” of Civil War Rosters in the MCU. This is a first-reaction-type article.

      • I’m looking forward to hearing who else they will bring in to the MCU for this. They have introduced 3 new possible good characters just for Avengers 2. The roster will fill out nicely. And hopefully Spiderman. 🙂

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