Captain America 3 Begins the Civil War


Released in ComicCon today was some of the most exciting super-hero news in years. The plot of Captain America 3 is as follows:

“The deal is significant for the Marvel cinematic universe considering the plot will pit Stark against Captain America’s alter-ego Steve Rogers, played by Chris Evans, as they feud over the Superhero Registration Act, which forces anyone with superhuman abilities to reveal their identities to the U.S. government and agree to act as a police force for the authorities.

“Stark supports the program, but Rogers does not, saying it threatens civil liberties, causing sides to be taken and Rogers, among others, to go on the run to avoid arrest. The moral question and battle with his Avengers teammate essentially makes Stark a villain of sorts in Captain America 3, providing Downey with a meaty role he could play out into future Marvel films, including a fourth Avengers.”

In short, Civil War. Marvel Civil War. I’ve been saying for most of the year that it is possible. Now, apparently, it is happening. And I am about to die.

It should be clarified that RDJ has not officially signed on yet and this is not officially in the works just yet, but it is a very strong probability right now.

I bring the news right now, and I will flesh it out a little more in the next couple days. Truly, only time will tell the majesty of this move.

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4 responses to “Captain America 3 Begins the Civil War

    • It sounds like Cap 3 will be focused primarily on finding Bucky, but the Superhero Registration Act will be a strong element throughout. The Superhero Registration Act has only existed in relation to the Civil War, especially if Robert Downey Junior is in talks to sign on in a Cap movie, establishing the Iron Man vs Cap idea.

  1. I’m with swanpride. Is Cap 3 going to turn in to a ‘Part 1’ for the Civil War, or will it be more of a set up, & the registration act will just be introduced at the end? I’m almost expecting it to be a thing of, the gov’t sets up a new SHIELD (not actually SHIELD, but the gov’t-controlled replacement…maybe HAND?), and they want all the ‘supers’ to sign on with the new agency.

    • I don’t know if it will kick off the war, but the Cap movies have always had very strong handoffs to the next Avengers movie. It’s very early to see how this plays out in Cap 3, but the idea that registration is a part of the story is a definite direction towards Civil War.

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