First Look at Daredevil!

Marvel has just released the first image of Matt Murdock in costume! Take a look:


Before you point out that his costume is not red, allow me to explain. In the Ultimate Universe, a reboot beginning in 2001, Daredevil was seen in a costume extremely similar to this. The story focused more on his college years, including his meeting with Elektra.


This story arc is actually one of my favorite Daredevil stories, even if he doesn’t don the red. I believe that he will take the classic costume by the end of the season, but for now, this is an exciting first image.

What do you think? Is it a let down? Sound off in the comments, but only time will tell.

One response to “First Look at Daredevil!

  1. I think that Black makes actually more sense for a Super hero whose main ability is to be able to move freely in total darkness. I hope that if they ever change to red, they go for a so dark that it is nearly black red.

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