Sony reportedly in talks with Marvel over Spider-Man


I recently predicted that Sony’s Spider-Verse would be the first of the Marvel universes to crumble and die. I just didn’t think it would be this soon.

Before I report, I must emphasize that this is largely rumor-based. It’s been confirmed the Marvel and Sony have been in talks. The only thing they could be considering, considering the properties they have interest in, is Spider-Man.

Sony’s last two Spider-Man movies have not been well received, with The Amazing Spider-Man 2 being the lowest grossing Spider-Man movie of all time. Meanwhile, Marvel has been doing major justice to just about every character it touches. No doubt, Marvel would probably love to have the most popular Marvel character of all time back under its wing.

Sony recently pushed back the release of the Amazing Spider-Man 3 until 2018, without giving a clear reason why. Some people believe it is to make room for a Sinister Six movie. Others say it’s simply to stall, to try to figure out what the heck to do with Spider-Man from here on out. So does that mean that Sony is simply giving up and handing Spider-Man back to Marvel? Maybe selling him back? Maybe allowing a cross-over of sorts? One of the rumors basically says that if the Sinister Six movie flops, they’ll make a deal. The problem is that the Sinister Six movie has gained no traction whatsoever. We don’t even know anything about a script yet.

Also, the Venom movie that was announced is apparently dead right now. Sony has admitted they have not planned much for it yet.

So what all does this mean? Are we finally gonna see Spider-Man fight alongside the Avengers? Will we see another great Spider-Man movie ever? This is one of the biggest questions in my mind regarding Marvel movies, but only time will tell.


4 responses to “Sony reportedly in talks with Marvel over Spider-Man

  1. I think it is too bad, because I think that TAS is really underrated. It was my, imho, the best Spiderman Movie ever on the grounds that it is the only one I actually wanted to own. Sadly Sony was not ready to built on what was in TAS and allowed the franchise to develop organically, but ruined TAS2 with their meddling, because they just HAD to jump start their stupid sinister 6 movie. If TAS2 had been as good as TAS, I am sure that people would have slowly stopped snubbing the reboot.

    Honestly, I don’t want a new Spiderman at this point. I like the one we already got way too much. I rather give up the idea of a crossover, than giving the control over the franchise to someone who isn’t as good in writing characters and romance as the current team is.

    • I don’t think that Marvel would get it back, it would be more of a deal which still gives Sony the stand alone movie rights but allows Marvel to use him too and perhaps have a say in the stand alone productions.

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