Agents of SHIELD: Blue people?

This post contains spoilers for episode 2 of season 2 of AoS, not episode 3, which came out last night.


The question we have been wondering for a good half season of Agents of SHIELD has been, “What the heck is up with the blue dude in a tank?” This blue person seems to be linked to the obelisk in season 2, as well as to Sky’s father. So what are the possibilities for the blue people?



The dominant theory is that this blue person is a member of the Kree. The alien species has already been established in the MCU, with Ronan the Accuser being a member of the Kree in Guardians of the Galaxy. When asked about blue extra-terrestrials, Lady Sif even mentioned the Kree in a list of other blue aliens in her episode of Agents of SHIELD. The Kree coming to Earth is not in any way unheard of. Captain Marvel was a member of the Kree sent to investigate Earth, while Miss Marvel’s powers are of Kree origin.

Basically, they’re pre-established in the MCU and fit the profile. Some people would say that they fit it a little too well. This leads to lesser obvious theories, such as…



This comes straight from the classic days of the comics. One of the oldest characters in all of comics, predating even Captain America, is Namor the Submariner. Ever since 1939, Marvel has produced stories in relation to the lost city of Atlantis, ruled by Namor the Submariner. The people, aside from Namor, are all blue (Namor is something of a half-breed). There was a very small Easter Egg for Atlantis in the end of Iron Man 2, when a SHIELD map showed a circle in the middle of the Atlantic. Other than that, Atlantis and the Atlanteans have not been established at all in the MCU.

One of the arguments for Atlanteans is that the blue person’s blood appears to have healing factors, which is occasionally linked to Atlantis. The big one, however, is that often times Atlanteans have marks on their skin (see the above picture). Blue Man has similar marks on his skin (see the top). It’s compelling evidence.

It’s a theory supported by the comic purists. Its critics say that today’s society won’t accept the word “Atlantis” seriously. They may be right. So what will they think of with the next theory…



Imagine that an alien took some humans, enhanced their genetic code, and put them on another planet, thousands of years ago. Now, those humans have evolved so they’re all mutants. Think X-men, but everywhere in this society. That’s the Inhumans. They’re one of the least known societies in Marvel, but they do have their fans. Their leader, Black Bolt, is among the most respected leaders in all of Marvel. Unfortunately, the theories really don’t have any backing whatsoever. The Inhumans aren’t even blue, as a general rule.

This theory is kinda really out there. It would definitely be a turn that no one in the fanbase would see coming (except those enlightened few who read this article), but it might be crossing some copyright lines. Once you get into the idea of mutations, you’re crossing into X-men territory. Marvel does have the rights to the Inhumans, but it’s tricky. In the end, there’s just no reason to assume it’s the Inhumans.

These are some of the more known theories regarding the mysterious blue man. What do you think? Sound off in the poll and in the comments. As usual, only time will tell.


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