The X-men Continuity and Its Issues

Things always get messy when you start to play with timelines. Having prequels and reboot/prequels is very difficult to get right, especially with different directors. After X-men: First Class came out, fans immediately began to point out the inconsistencies with the various story-lines. One or two was to be expected, but First Class seemed to largely ignore every piece of established back-story.

So when Days of Future Past came out, they claimed that not only would they fix the bad movies that came out, but they would also fix the continuity issues of First Class. For many, they did. For others, the issues still exist.

So this may be a little nit-picky, but let’s take a look at the continuity issues, the fixes, and if they resolve it or not.

Xavier Loses Mobility


X-men: First Class shows us the moment that Xavier loses his ability to walk. This event occurs in 1963, in the middle of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Later, however, Professor X is seen walking in both X3 and Origins: Wolverine, both of which take place after First Class.

The Fix: The movie attempted to fix the timeline by introducing a drug that would allow Xavier to use his legs. This should work, except the drug also inhibits Xavier’s abilities. This means that Xavier would not be able to walk and use his abilities, as he obviously does in Origins: Wolverine. So the fix doesn’t exactly work.

Xavier Met Magneto When?


The first X-men movie told us that Xavier met Magneto when he was seventeen. First Class, however, shows the meeting taking place when both men are in their twenties. Also, X-men 3 shows Xavier and Magneto still buddies when they visit Jean Gray.

The Fix: This is one that DoFP can’t and didn’t fix. One could say they may have met previously and simply forgotten about it, but that seems highly unlikely and the movies don’t hint at it at all.

Xavier’s Hair


This is a little nitpicky, but in Days of Future Past, we see that Xavier had plenty of hair on his head in 1973, even before the Future Rewrite. It was only a couple years later, however, that Origins: Wolverine was due to occur. At the end of Wolverine, we see a completely bald Xavier.

The Fix: Another one that DoFP didn’t address. It’s possible that he shaved his head, but it appears to simply be a continuity error.

Beast or Hank?


Hank McCoy has appeared in four different X-men movies. We first saw him in X2 on a television. He was still human at the time. In X3, however, we see Beast, complete with blue hair. This leads us to see that the transformation occurred midway between the two movies, which is fine. Then, in X-men: First Class, we see Hank McCoy become Beast…in 1963. That’s long before we see him as human in X2.

The Fix: DoFP introduced a serum that Hank can take to turn back to “normal”. We can assume that he uses this to turn back to just human for X2. I accept this fix.

Who Built Cerebro


In the first X-men, Xavier claims that Magneto helped him build Cerebro. In First Class, we see that Cerebro was actually built by Hank McCoy, before he even met Xavier.

The Fix: There is no fix or attempt at a fix in DoFP. It just leaves it unanswered. It’s a small thing, but still a continuity issue.

Emma Frost and Moira MacTaggert


Emma Frost was most prominently featured in First Class, but this was not the first time we saw her. She was also in Origins: Wolverine as a teenager. Somehow, between 63 and 79, she grew younger.

Also, Moira MacTaggert was in her thirties in First Class, but later, after the year 2000, she appears of a slightly older age. She would be well over 70 years old at this point.

The Fix: Days of Future Past makes no attempt to fix the Frost issue. In fact, it merely kills her off, creating possibly another issue of her “dying” and then returning, all before the Future Rewrite. It makes no mention of MacTaggert.

Aside from fixing a lot of errors, DoFP actually creates a few errors of its own.

Who is Boliver Trask?


In Days of Future Past, we met Boliver Tyrion…errr… Trask. Strangely, this is not the first time we have met him. A Boliver Trask was in X3, played by Bill Duke. Not only is this Trask not short, he is also black. This is a very different character all together.

Metal Claws


In The Wolverine, we see that Logan lost the metal from his claws. Although the skeleton is still covered, his clearly only has bone claws left. In Days of Future Past, however, Wolverine still has adamantium on his claws. The movie makes no mention of how or why.

X-men: Days of Future Past fixed a lot of the bad that had come from the X-men movies over the years. It erased the horrors of X3 and Origins: Wolverine. The truth of the matter is that First Class, although a great movie in my professional opinion, screwed up the timeline beyond repair. We can say that it doesn’t matter so much about the old timeline anymore, as it has been fixed by Wolverine’s actions. The events of First Class should still influence the old timeline, however.

Maybe it’s a little nitpicky, but this is my analysis of the X-men Timeline as it has progressed. What do you think? Did I miss any plotholes? Does it even matter?


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