Avengers 3 Story Possibilities

I know, I know, it’s a little early. The Avengers 2 comes out this coming summer, but already fans are looking toward The Avengers 3. Aside from the two-movie rumor that I covered a couple days ago, there’s also some possible story ideas moving forward. So what are some possible routes they can go with it?



Possibly one of the most obvious of the possibilities, the big man being established as the ultimate villain of the MCU. The Death-Obsessed Titan inevitably will arrive at Earth at some point, and probably will assemble the Infinity Gauntlet together before the final showdown. If Thanos is the Avengers 3 villain, that would mean a lot of assembling the Gauntlet in Phase 3, whereas 2 or 3 stones remain unaccounted for, and at least three are still in secure locations.

SwanPride, one of my more avid readers, has suggested on a few different occasions that Avengers 3 may feature a battle with Thanos, but not a final battle. It’s an interesting concept, certainly. It may very well turn out to be true. Personally, I think they won’t go that route, only because of the plethora of various other options available to them. There is fifty years of canon to pull famous villains and story arcs out of. It would surprise me if they focused on one villain for two of their major crossover movies. I think they would want to diversify more.

Civil War


This theory is probably bred out of necessity. If RDJ doesn’t sign up for any more movies and Chris Evans follows through on his word and quits acting, this will be the last time we see Tony Stark and Steve Rogers on the same screen together. These two are the ones that faced off in the Civil War. Iron Man headed the side for superhero registration, while Cap led the rebellion against. The Universe is built up enough, and will be built enough, to have enough on each side to have a war.

It’s what many fans want to see, but I’m not sure it would be successfully pulled off in a two-to-three hour movie. There are the rumors that the beginning of this war would be the end of the Avengers 2, but I can’t see an entire phase of movies dedicated to this without featuring the two major leaders (both of whom have a set amount of movies left).

Avengers Disassembled


Someone from within the Avengers is tearing them apart, piece by piece. For the most part, the Avengers had been around in some form or another since 1963. In 1998 came the disassembling. After 500 issues of Avengers, they were torn apart. There were no more Avengers and each Avenger went in his own direction. In the midst of this were the deaths of several Avengers, including both (spoilers:) Hawkeye and the Vision. In the end, (also spoilers:) it turned out that Scarlet Witch had been tearing the team apart.

This could be a good way to send off Iron Man and Cap with a bang, as well as shorten the roster for future crossover movies. It could be the end of the Avengers as we know them, although a new team could form of other established heroes for an Avengers 4.

Truthfully, we don’t know much yet. All we can do is speculate. So much of it will be based on what happens in Avengers 2 and throughout Phase 3. Thor 3, Cap 3, and Doctor Strange will definitely have a lot of effect on this storyline. Until then, only time will tell.

Tell me what you think. Sound off in the comments.

One response to “Avengers 3 Story Possibilities

  1. Well, the newest rumour is that Marvel plans to make the third Avengers movie about the “new Avengers”. Which is an idea I quite like. It would allow some actors a little bit more breathing room, and make room for a really big finale with all the old and new Avengers (and Thanos) at one point. They could mix the characters which are played by actors with longer contracts (like the Hulk) with new characters.
    If they do that, my bet is no longer on Thanos for movie three. Then my favourite would be….Avengers in Space! Think about it, they could connect the Guardians of the Galaxy with the Avengers this way. (Plus, it would be a good explanation for the absence of the other Avengers).

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