Fantastic Four: What We Know So Far

The Fantastic Four is Marvel’s oldest superhero family. With names like Mr. Fantastic, The Human Torch, The Invisible Woman, and The Thing, it’s easy to see that. Fox received and maintained the rights to make Fantastic Four movies, which they did, starring Jessica Alba, Steve Rogers, and that guy from SHIELD. For me personally, the first movie was not terrible, especially in light of the era of superhero movies being made (before The Dark Knight or Iron Man, both of which changed the game).

Fox still has the rights to the Fantastic Four and are still planning another movie. I am sad that I don’t write enough about this, but the problem is simply that there’s not enough news at this point. Either nothing is happening with the production of the movie or it’s being kept tight under wraps.

So what exactly do we know about the Fantastic Four movie?

The Cast


We know the big four faces in Marvel, which I reported on back in February. In short, Mr. Fantastic is played by Miles Teller, The Invisible Woman is played by Kate Mara, The Thing is played by Jamie Bell, and The Human Torch is played by Michael B. Jordan.

The big choice in question is the fact that Sue and Johnny Storm are different races, despite being brother and sister. I have no issue over them switching the race of a character or even both characters. It’s the idea of changing the family dynamic by making them step-siblings (probably) rather than blood relatives. But that’s another article as a whole.

Then, cast as the villain for the movie is Toby Kebbell, who played Kobo in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, as well as rolls in Wrath of the Titans and Prince of Persia, has been cast as the villain: Doctor Doom.



Josh Trank is directing this movie. Trank is a relatively new director in Hollywood. His big break was directing the found footage superhero movie, “Chronicle”, one of my favorite movies of all time. This will be the second time that Trank and Michael B. Jordan work together on a movie.

Basic Plot


If early rumors are true, the movie takes place at a relatively young, as in college. To me, this is undoubtedly an attempt to differential this movie from the previous Fantastic Four movies. Also, evidently Trank has been told to abandon the comic lore. Evidently the movie will not represent the comics in any way, which has both ups and downs to it.

There is also the word that Doombots may make their appearance at some point. Doombots, for those that don’t know, were life model decoys of Doctor Doom that he often sent on missions in place of him. Most of the time, when the Fantastic Four finally beat Doom or caught him, they discovered that they had only defeated a robot of Doom and the actual one was still out there. It was a way of continuing the story while still allowing a victory in battle for the FF.

Truthfully, however, any details on the plot are just rumor-farming.

Set Image

We have heard extremely little about this reboot, but we know they have finished filming. An image was leaked to the internet earlier this year. Fox hunted down websites that showed the image in an attempt to reclaim it before it got out of control. Unfortunately for them, it had already spread too far. The image is below:


Personally, I’m liking the new Doom look. I don’t know about you.

We also have a set image of The Thing. Check it out:


I personally like the new Thing. I think he will be an interesting addition to a more realistic take on the Fantastic Four.

X-men Connection


The final thing that has been hinted to us viewers is that the FF will take place in the same Universe as the X-men, who are also owned by Fox. This sounds like an attempt to create a further developed universe for the properties to fill.

So that’s what we know about the Fantastic Four reboot. Truthfully, it’s not much and much of it is based only in rumor. I hope for more news soon, but for now only time will tell.


2 responses to “Fantastic Four: What We Know So Far

  1. Not excited about this one, for very much the same reason I was not excited about the last ones: I think the cast looks too young. To me Richard Reed and Susan Storm should be more middle aged in order to convincingly play the accomplished scientists they are. That’s what I always liked about the Fantastic Four the most, that they are a little bit older than the average Superheroes (at least in my mind). But I am not holding my breath to ever get an adaptation which doesn’t go for “young and hip”.

    • Actually, I completely agree. This is one of the teams that actually does appear to age through the course of their comic run. Reed has his trademark white patches on the sides of his hair. That being said, comic movies generally market towards a younger audience, so sadly I don’t think we’ll ever see middle-aged heroes in the Fantastic Four.

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