X-men That May Be Near

You have to hand it to Fox. They take their time on their movies. While Marvel does two movies a year, Fox does a movie every two to three years. Sure, that means that we had five years between X2 and First Class, with nothing but a neutered Deadpool and Pheonix’s thick eye shadow to hold us over, but at least they put their time into movies.

That being said, we have to wait until 2016 until we see the X-men square off against Apocalypse. That doesn’t mean, however, that I am not actively thinking about what mutants should grace our screen, some for the first time and some for the second. This is my second take on the idea, as I wrote “Big Mutants That Haven’t Shown Up Yet” earlier this year. I have some fresh thoughts, so I thought it was time for a fresh article.

Also, I write a lot about the MCU. I’m trying to show some love to the other Universes as well.



Yes, Angel was that dude from X3 that was in about 4 minutes of screentime. Precisely why he is ready for another shot. The wonderful thing about X-men: Days of Future Past resetting the timeline is that they can try again with some heroes that they botched. I already touched on the concept with Deadpool, but the principle doesn’t apply only to him.

Angel was a founding member of the X-men, along with Jean Grey, Iceman, Cyclops, and Beast. When put next to the big names like those, who have enjoyed their time in the cinema sun, it’s a wonder that Angel has not had more time on screen.

If you have any question about him being awesome, at one point he was given adamantium covering on his wings and rechristened “Archangel”.



Another mutant that had debuted in previous Marvel movies, Colossus was sadly reduced to only a combative character. Being a rather crucial X-men over the years, I think there is a great opening for him to take on a recurring roll in the next couple years.

Colossus has already appeared in X2, X3, and Days of Future Past. They never went into his origin, however, so I can see them taking a “where did he come from” route, similar to their handling of Beast.



Cable is the reason I write this article. It occurred to me that X-men: Days of Future Past allowed for the presence of Cable in a way that was not possible earlier. With the “corrected” future now including Jean Grey AND Cyclops alive and well, there is the strong possibility for them to have a child, named Nathan. You may have guessed, he is also known as Cable.

Cable came from the future to boss people around, more or less. His knowledge of the future allows for him to correct those around him from a place of knowledge, but those people seldom see his way with that.

Interestingly, Cable has a rather complicated relationship with both Apocalypse and Deadpool, the mostly confirmed next movies for Fox’s X-men Universe. In the long list of mutants who have never been in a film, he tops it. Personally, I think his time has come.

It would be difficult doing another time travel, especially so soon after Days of Future Past, but DoFP at least opened the gate to time travel, so it’s now more doable than it was five years ago.

These three X-men have been specifically cleared by Days of Future Past to appear in upcoming movies. Truthfully, the franchise has burned through a lot of mutants. I think it’s time to go back to the ones who have not been given justice on screen. They are already doing that with Gambit, I think that these X-men would make a fine addition to the ever expanding Universe.

Who would you want to see in the next movie? Who do you think will make it in? Sound off in the comments. I would love to hear your thoughts. In the meantime, only time will tell.


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