Marvel Origin Movies You Didn’t Realize Were Origin Movies

Not all movies are as straightforward as they appear. Numerous times in Hollywood, Marvel characters’ backstories have been hidden in other movies. Marvel produces two movies a year, while Sony and Fox produce one every two years, but truthfully, Marvel Origins have been in the plan for a long time.

First up: SHIELD

Nick Fury – Pulp Fiction


Don’t let the non-sequential action fool you. This movie is about the early days of Nick Fury, when he was still in the California crime business. The film centers on his decision to leave the crime business, a move which will eventually take him in the path of SHIELD.

The Climax of the film comes when Fury and Emil Blonsky have a stand-off. Both are on very different paths than their future selves. When Nick demonstrates a piece of mercy, Fury begins moving toward his position in SHIELD and Blonsky reconsiders his life, only to end up choosing the military to begin again.

Natasha Romanov – We Bought a Zoo, The Nanny Diaries, He’s Just Not That Into You

Scarlett Johansson We Bought a Zoo 058

You never know who is on SHIELD’s watch list. Romanov, a master of disguise and stealth, has infultrated numerous places in the course of history. It is unclear just how many special cases she has worked.

She investigated reports of a no-body buying a zoo, which could very easily be the beginning of a animal-centered supervillain. She learned how to manage a household and be a nanny, very important for a superspy. She also infiltrated a cast of people who may someday become Marvel characters. Yes, Romanov has been very busy over the years, as has her hair colorist.

Clint Barton – The Bourne Legacy


Barton’s training in stealth and infiltration began within this film. Following Banner’s transformation into Hulk, General Ross built a life model decoy to impersonate Banner and continue in his super-soldier research. The program was successful, with Barton being one of the receivers. Ultimately, however, the program went bust and sent Hawkeye on the run.

The Bourne Legacy follows Barton’s attempt to stabilize the effects of Banner-LMD’s supersoldier serum. In the process, his body and mind are escalated to new levels of performance, giving him incredible accuracy with a bow. When he finally escapes the clutches of the program, SHIELD picks Barton up and offers him a job.

This is how many of our SHIELD agents came to receive their training and abilities. These films provide much-needed backstory for these characters, as well as increased enjoyment for us viewers. Will we see more Marvel origin movies in the future? Only time will tell.


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