Blade? Again?


Wesley Snipes, after recently appearing in the Expendables 3, is evidently casting his gaze toward Marvel again. The actor, most known for his roll in the Blade franchise, spent some time in prison a couple years ago for tax evasion.

Blade was the first comic book movie in the long line of comic book movies we have seen, stretching back to 1998. There were two Blade movies by the time there was X-men or Spider-man. So who is Blade, for those who don’t know?

Blade is a vampire hunter. His mother was bit by a vampire during birth, so he is technically human with partial vampire blood. He takes a serum to prevent the thirst for blood. He then proceeds to hunt down vampires in his free time.


Snipes reportedly is working on a 3 million dollar deal with Marvel for a Blade 4, according to New York Daily News. If that is so, it hosts a whole span of new questions. Does that mean that Marvel is expanding into vampire territory? Will it be connected to the MCU? Why would Marvel want to host a new Blade movie after all this time?

Often times, rumors like this end here. There’s some speculation and stuff, but eventually nothing comes from it. I find it difficult to buy into a Marvel-Vampire rumor, but it was reported by a newspaper and is currently going around the Marvel Movie community, so I have a responsibility to bring it up here.

Truthfully, only time will tell.


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