101 Posts!

This post makes 101 for this blog! So in honor of the past 100 posts, I would like to briefly recap on some of the big things. I will look back on how I have written and look forward to how I will write in the next days. So quickly, some of my most popular posts:

The One Above All In Marvel


This post analyzes the roll of God in Marvel Movies and actually points out a possible God within them.

Familiar Faces in Marvel Comics


Marvel has brought other characters from culture into their comics in the past. From Time Lords to giant Lizards, Marvel has covered all the bases at one point or another.

Marvel Teams Up With DC


For April Fools, I posted this article about the Justice League / Avengers team up. Let me repeat. April. Fools.

In the beginning, I did a lot of “Who is this Character?” posts, regarding characters in the comics that were going to appear in Marvel. I hope to do more of these in the future.

Also, I will be looking back further than 2008, shedding light on some early Marvel movies. I will mostly be doing this because the next Marvel movie is in May of next year. I love writing about Marvel, so I will be looking back more than forward, at least until more news comes. We are sort of looking at a Marvel dry spell for the next couple months.

That being said, I also have been posting daily for weeks. For now, I will be attempting to post every other day, just to ensure that I don’t start writing BS just to have something to post. If there is news, I won’t wait, but I probably won’t be writing daily.

Let me know what you want to hear about. I will gladly write about everything and anything you might want to know about. So let me know!

Thanks for letting me get to 101 posts! I will continue to write so long as you continue to read. As for what news I will be reporting, what movies will be announced, what theories I will be hashing out, only time will tell.


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