Awesome Marvel Villains That Probably Won’t Ever See Screentime

Marvel has a massive collection of characters, ranging in the thousands. Think about hundreds of comic lines, many with a villain every issue, accumulating to one massive rogue’s gallery. With so many villains and only so many movies, the studio must be careful about who it selects for a villain. Unfortunately, that means that many villains, despite being popular among fans, will be left at the side, mostly because they wouldn’t work on the big screen. Examples?

The Masters of Evil


This team of super villains is one of the oldest villains of the Avengers, going back all the way to Avengers #6. Basically, Baron Zemo, a villain from World War 2 that Cap had fought in the past, forms a team of villains, pulling form each hero’s personal list of super villains. After Zemo’s death (the first Zemo, others have worn his hood), others led the Masters of Evil at various points. It’s classic Avengers, right from the beginning.

Why it probably won’t happen: The set-up necessary for this to actually happen in the movies is massive. It would have to involve many characters conveniently not dying at the end of the movie (which frankly doesn’t happen much in Marvel movies) and then assemble together. It would also look a heck of a lot like the Sinister Six, which could be interpreted as unoriginal in the fans’ eyes.



Korvac is pretty sweet. He is an engineer from another dimension who was experimented on and turned into a walking powerhouse. He crossed over into the normal universe (which fans call Earth 616), and basically became one of the most powerful beings on Earth. He is the epitome of cosmic villain. Personally, I think he would fit very well into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Why he probably won’t happen: Frankly, he is a little too much like Thanos. His abilities make him nearly omnipotent. He is a little silly and for the cosmic villains, I think that Marvel will stick with alien creatures. If he does come, I would look for him in Guardians 2 or 3. But I am betting against him.



Surtur is a fire demon. As you see above, he looks a lot like Satan. Also, he fought Odin (the overlord of all of Asgard), and killed him (before Odin was retconned back to life after ten years). He is one of the more powerful creatures, and is rather frightening.

Why he won’t happen: He looks too much like Satan. Marvel would get some serious flack for backing a “religious” villain. He wouldn’t be referred to as Surtur by the public, he would be referred to as Satan. There is no way to do a giant horned fire demon without people calling him the devil. And that sort of undermines him completely.

Kang the Conqueror


This is probably the one that breaks my heart the most. Kang the Conqueror is on just about every “best avenger villains” list out there, for good reason. Also one of the oldest villains out there, Kang is from the future. He attempts to use his superior technology to defeat the Avengers. He comes close many times and is one of the most feared villains the Avengers faced.

Why he probably won’t happen: It would be really hard to get over the time travel. Once time travel is introduced, a good number of fans check out completely. Frankly, I think that Joss Whedon would pull it off well, and I would love to see him in the future (no pun intended), but I don’t think it’ll end up happening.

Well that’s the list I’ve come up with. I recognize that all of these are for the MCU and not the Spider-verse or X-verse, but frankly the other companies will use most of their awesome villains at one point or another. X-men already has used most of their fan favorites (especially with Apocalypse approaching). It’s the MCU that has a plethora of them.

What do you think? Will we end up seeing these villains in the future? Only time will tell.


4 responses to “Awesome Marvel Villains That Probably Won’t Ever See Screentime

  1. I actually think the time travel isn’t the problem. We’ve seen time travel in many recent popular movies, and they’ve pulled it off very well. Star Trek opened with a much needed universe reset. Days of Future Past poned the time travel gimmick. As long as it isn’t advertised as such, I think Kang could do it. With one exception. He looks too much like Thanos. He’s alien, sits in a big chair. People would get the two mixed up. I think Kang would be amazing and liked, especially with this recent trend of post apocalypse movies. Just Thanos took the look first.

    • The Thanos argument is an excellent point. Actually, that is one of my biggest fears regarding Apocalypse in X-men is that he is almost the same character. I had not considered that for Kang.

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