Which Rumors to Believe and Which Are BS

The internet has brought us the fastest access to information in the history of the Earth. Unfortunately, not all that information is true. So of the rumors floating around the internet, which ones can be believed?

Marvel’s Complete Line-Up


The above image has been floating around for the last couple weeks. Supposedly leaked from Marvel, the lineup of movies teases some rather interesting ideas, such as Thor: Raganock, Planet Hulk, and the Civil War. Personally, I would love if each and every one of these turns out to be true.

The problem? There is no source whatsoever. The image merely showed up online at one point, claiming validity. While yes, it could be true, it’s more likely a very well done, albeit homemade, photoshop. Not to say that some of these won’t turn out to be true anyways (such as Doctor Strange or maybe a Raganok storyline), the source of items is the most important for determining truth or fiction.

The ruling: BS.

A Bunch of Stand-Alone Movies


A Black Widow Stand-alone film, a Punisher TV show, The Hands of Shang-Chi, a Nick Fury movie… etc. Basically, most of these rumors stem from both wishful thinking of fans or a single line from one person about a possibility of a movie.

For example, shortly after the Avengers, Samuel L Jackson said that Marvel would be doing a Nick Fury stand-alone film. Nothing else has been heard about it for years, but IMDB still has it listed as “announced” under Jackson’s page.

I don’t consider a movie actually happening until I hear about the studio taking measures to make it. For example, if Marvel starts interviewing directors or actors for certain rolls, then I’ll take it as true. Until then, actors and directors can say whatever they want about what movies are in the future. It doesn’t make it so. Usually, the first thing we’ll hear about the legit ones is an official announcement from Marvel.

The ruling: BS.

Joaquin Phoenix As Doctor Strange


The actor, known for his rolls in Gladiator, Signs, and Her, has been linked to the roll of Doctor Strange for a while, mostly by fan projecting. There are a lot of fan projected rumors, such as people insisting that their personal favorites for characters are THE destined path the studio will take.

Strangely, this actually is only partially the case. Joaquin’s name was tossed by fan-casters for years, but it appears that he actually is in talks with the studio. The sources that are reporting it are actually pretty decent sources and Marvel, importantly, is making no denial of the fact.

The ruling: Probably. Look for an article for an official casting announcement.

Iron Man 4


This is rumor says that not only is Marvel planning an Iron Man 4, but they are going to make another attempt at the Mandarin. It will doubtlessly feature Robert Downey Junior, although some fans believe they will simply recast Tony Stark, and have offered up their perfect casting choice as replacement.

The issue with this rumor is that there is absolutely no evidence to back it up. At all. No one has hinted at an Iron Man 4. There is no reason to believe it will happen. Furthermore, Robert Downey Junior is the one who Marvel has the biggest difficulty signing on for more movies. His previous contract negotiation took forever. He is signed on for two more Avenger movies. Not a fourth Iron Man movie. Don’t get your hopes up. This rumor is born sheerly out of fan wishful thinking, and nothing more.

The ruling: BS.

Third Wolverine Movie


This rumor says that there will be a third stand-alone Wolverine movie, of course featuring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine for his, wait for it, eighth appearance as Wolverine. The story features “old man Logan” and may involve his death.

There was actually talk about this at one time. Both Hugh Jackman and a director were talking about the possibility of a third Wolverine movie. That was some months ago, however, and so far it doesn’t look like Fox is stepping up to the plate for it again. Personally, I’m okay with that. Hugh Jackman has said that he is tired of the roll and frankly, who can blame him?

The ruling: Nugget of truth, ultimately BS

For my part, I attempt to stay as level-headed as possible. For every piece of information that comes my way regarding movies, I immediately look to the source. No source, no credibility. What other rumors are floating out there that I may have missed? Sound off in the comments. Also, what do you think? Will any of these rumors actually prove true? Only time will tell.


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