Avengers: Age of Ultron Costumes

When the set pictures first hit for any comic book movie, the first thing the fan boys start talking about are the costumes. There is over fifty years of Marvel cannon to pull costumes from, which do tend to change rapidly, which means that there is no sure way to present the characters’ costumes. Now, we have visual of a few of the Avengers, notably excepting an clear image of the Vision.

Captain America


Captain America returns to the star and stripes appearance. Most of his second movie had him dressed in a mostly blue suit. This suit brings him back to the colored stomach and head-wings (which I greatly like, by the way).



One of my favorite adaptations, this suit is much truer to the comic version of Hawkeye. A portion of the fanboys were upset when Hawkeye didn’t don purple for the Avengers. Now, we have purple incorporated into Hawkeye’s suit, with the overcoat that is very similar to the comics.



Quicksilver is one of the heroes that people don’t know how he is supposed to appear. Aside from the scenes from X-men: Days of Future Past, there really is no general knowledge of his appearance. As you can see about, Age of Ultron’s Quicksilver does look pretty similar to the comic origin, even down to lightning on the sides.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet_Witch Scarlet-Witch-in-Avengers-Age-of-Ultron

Scarlet Witch is considerably less Scarlet than she is in the comics, which I am personally a fan of. Her comic costume would not have crossed over well, especially without making her purely a sex object. I am a fan of the new outfit, personally.



Thor is very similar to his Dark World costume, with bare arms instead of battle-armored sleeves. His hair is still getting longer, as we have seen in the progression of movies. Thor has maintained a decently consistent look through the last couple years of movies.

Also, here begins the Avengers that we don’t have set pictures for. We have to rely on the posters that were recently released.

Iron Man


Iron Man has probably changed his costume the most over the last couple years. From silver to gold to classic red, his costume has shifted considerably. I am personally a fan of Iron Man returning to his red and gold costume. I am interested to see an arc reactor in his chest, as he no longer needs it (see Iron Man 3).



Allow me to confirm, Hulk is green and wearing pants. Not much more to say at the moment about the big guy.

Black Widow


Black Widow appears to have abandoned her dual pistols in favor of her wrist stingers, as shown in the comics. Her hair is short again. I personally believe that short hair on Black Widow should signal an Avengers-Scale calamity in the next couple days, while long hair signals only a supporting roll in another movie.



I have a feeling that Whedon will be keeping a lid on Vision’s appearance for a while. All we can see is that evidently there is a cape, green, and his skin appears red. Honestly, it looks like a direct translation from the comics at the moment.

I am looking forward to a first trailer to see some of these Avengers in action. Set pictures and illustrated pictures can only tell us so much. For now, only time will.

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