The Deadpool Movie


Deadpool is one of, if not the, most beloved character in modern comics. His 4th-wall-breaking behavior and general dark humor has found a wide base of fans in the comic world, as well as various websites in general. Sites like Reddit or Imgur are riddled with Deadpool clips from the comics.

So let’s talk movies. Ever since the abomination that was X-men Origins: Wolverine’s Deadpool (his nickname is the Merc with a Mouth, and they sealed up his mouth. What the heck, Fox???), fans have been crying for a true adaptation from Wade Wilson.


Ryan Reynolds was a good choice for his casting. He even played the character well from the first half of Origins. Some fans disagreed, saying that Fox needed to forget Origins altogether and simply give another go at Deadpool. Fortunately, Fox recognized that they screwed up some parts of their X-men Universe. In a move that will really never be replicated again by a studio, Days of Future Past altered the timeline previously established.

In light of the new start, Fox now has the ability to integrate Deadpool into the already existing X-men Universe, without having to play dead with Origins: Wolverine.

So you may have heard about the Deadpool “test footage” that was leaked recently. It represented Deadpool in a way that many fans were happy about. He broke the fourth wall, he made jokes, and he killed people. Very Deadpool. Take a look here.

So now that we’ve recapped the history of Deadpool screen-time, let’s talk about the future of the Merc with a Mouth.

First off, I don’t think the “leak” was actually a leak. I think reps at Fox “accidentally” let it slide onto the internet, to test the waters. There is a lot of unknowns for the possibility of Deadpool. Do fans want the same silliness in Deadpool from the comics? Are they biased against Reynolds? Things along that nature. So this test footage and the resulting internet buzz would tell them that, without commiting to a movie just yet.


Take, for a moment, a look at DC. When Ben Affleck was cast as Batman, the internet was in uproar. Some were fans of the casting, but more did not like the Batfleck. It was possibly that Reynolds was a bad taste in people’s mouths from Origins. This way, the studio can see if the fans still want Reynolds. Evidently, they do.

A Deadpool movie is coming. They don’t bring in a big actor like Reynolds to perform some test footage on the off-chance they might make a movie. The big question right now is when.

X-men Apocalypse is coming out in 2016. It will likely be after that, but not too long. I predict a Deadpool movie by at latest 2018.

The big question that Fox needs to answer is how to balance the fans’ insatiable need for constant jokes and violence with a legitimate movie that will appease critics as well. Likely, it will look something like Guardians of the Galaxy.


So, for now, we have nothing solid to go on. I freely admit that. But I think we are on the brink of some big Deadpool news. The fans will get their movie and the studio will get a lot of money for it. As for the details, only time will tell.

Also, let me know what you want to read about. Sound off in the comments if there is a topic you’d like me to cover in length. I only have so many ideas, so it would help me to know what you’d like to know about!


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