The Defenders Who Aren’t Daredevil

Some of you may have noticed that I like to write about Daredevil. He is one of my favorite people in Marvel comics. So naturally, when I heard he was getting a TV show, I was very excited. At the same time was announced Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones TV shows. Of these, we have heard absolutely nothing.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Daredevil news, the villains, the set pictures, and everything, but if these TV shows are going to run at the same time, where are the others? We have heard no casting whatsoever for the Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Jessica Jones TV shows. So who the heck are these heroes anyways?

Luke Cage


Luke Cage, also known as Power Man, was one of the first heroes to get into the gritty, darker crime in New York. He spent most of his time as a “hero for hire”, selling his superhuman helping for profit. That being said, he is still a moral figure, not compromising because he’s being paid. He spent a large portion of time being falsely accused of various crimes.

Luke Cage has nearly unbreakable skin. He is extremely durable and even when he does get hurt, he heals more rapidly than most. His focus has always been on street-level crime, rather than the big and cosmic threats the Avengers faced regularly. Luke was also one Captain America’s closest allies during the Superhero Civil War.

Oh, and he’s black. It’s only relevant because he was a statement of diversity in comics when he received his regular issues.

Luke Cage is pretty sweet and fans have been calling for a movie for him for a while.

Iron Fist


There have been a couple Iron Fists, but the one most known is Danny Rand. Much of Iron Fist’s story is wrapped up in magic and Kong Fu. Much of Iron Fist’s backstory is wrapped in Japanese and Chinese vocabulary. He primarily focuses on hand to hand combat. Through meditation, he can summon Chi, spiritual energy, to enhance himself.

Iron Fist teamed up with Luke Cage at various points. The two were Heroes for Hire together, probably the most well known of them.

Like a lot of heroes across the Marvel Universe, Iron Fist is not a superhero name, it’s a title that predates superheroes. This particular title is granted by K’un-L’un, one of the cities of heaven.

Iron Fist is not as well known as other heroes, but he has a consistent fan base among a small group of people.

Jessica Jones


Jessica Jones is definitely the least-known of any of the Defenders. Her biggest claim to fame is her marriage to Luke Cage, which will doubtlessly be hinted at or featured in the future of the TV shows. Her powers include strength, flight, and resistance to injury. So, basically the standard super-human.

She is one of the more recent heroes, only appearing in 2001. In fact, this means that she is one of the more recent screen adaptations in any Marvel film. With the exception of some X-men, most of the heroes we see in movies and TV shows are considerably older, from the early 90’s at latest.

She opened a detective agency for superhuman activities before marrying Luke (and having a daughter, Danielle), but during the Marvel Civil War she fled to Canada under Luke’s insistence.

Admittedly, not many know about her other than in relation to Luke Cage.

So those are the defenders who aren’t Daredevil. Personally, I am impatiently waiting for any news in relation to them. A casting choice or a hinted villain, maybe. It worries me that these three have not had any news.

By the way, fun fact time. This isn’t the Defenders from the comics. The primary team of the Defenders in the comics was Doctor Strange, Silver Surfer, Namor the Submariner, and the Hulk. They defended more galactic causes, as opposed to the street crime seen in the TV show. The very nature of the team is very different.

So when will we get any news of the Defenders who aren’t Daredevil? Only time will tell, but let it be soon.


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