Star-Lord’s Daddy

Mild spoiler alert for Guardians: In the final minutes of Guardians of the Galaxy, Yondu makes mention that his mission was really to bring Star-Lord to his father the whole time. Of course, this leads to the question: Who is his father?

Darth Vader references aside, James Gunn has said that the answer will be different than in the comics. So let’s take a look at what the comics say, and some options for the movie, from comic lore.


In the comics, Star-Lord’s father is J’son. He is the King of Spartoi, a massive empire than encompasses a large portion of the Galaxy. He offfered Starlord to become emperor after J’son, but Peter Quill declined, as J’son’s had a reputation as sort of a jerk. J’son ruled for a while, before attempting to rebuild a relationship with Quill. That’s basically where the comics stop right now, actually. His name is often pronounced Jason, if that is easier.

In order to keep the secret of Quill’s parentage for another couple years, James Gunn changed it for the movies. There is a select few people that know the secret identity, and I am not one of them. So let the speculation begin!

Captain Mar-Vell


Yes, it’s more or less a play on Marvel, but Mar-Vell’s legacy has been felt throughout the Marvel Universe. He was a Kree who was sent to Earth to spy. He accidentally infected Carol Danvers with Kree Radiation, turning her into Miss Marvel, actually one of the more BA Avengers who have not encountered Screen Time.

Mar-Vell’s species, the Kree, has already been established in the MCU. Mar-Vell himself has not. Unfortunately, I doubt Mar-Vell is Quill’s father, only because it seems uncharacteristic of him to use bounty hunters to bring his son home. It’s out of Mar-Vell’s character, which is very honorable, and he is not important in the Kree Empire enough to have the means to do it (assuming his character is true to the comics).

Adam Warlock


Warlock’s name has been thrown around a lot in the comics, especially in light of the Infinity Stones. Warlock has worn the Mind Gem on his forehead for a long amount of time. Also, he was the one who eventually defeated Thanos, at the height of his power with the Infinity Gauntlet.

Warlock is an interesting character who, in my opinion, would fit very well into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Unfortunately, I don’t believe he will be the father, only because of the cocoon. In Nowhere, where the Collector has been keeping his collection, we see a large cocoon in the background. Like this:


Thie cocoon is unanimously thought to be the cocoon that Adam Warlock was hatched in (did I mention he was built, not born?). For this reason, I would doubt Warlock would exist elsewhere. I don’t think they’ll disregard that Easter Egg so soon.



This man, one of the lesser-known possibilities for fatherhood, is an extremely interesting choice, actually containing more film evidence than any theory before. Before we get to that, who is Starhawk? He is one of the original Guardians of the Galaxy, from the first incarnation of the team (as opposed to the one seen in the movie). He has been destined to live his life again and again, therefore he knows which actions produce which outcomes (I call it cheating).

So why do some think it’s him?

1 – Starhawk possesses light manipulation, as well as other forms of energy. Starlord’s mother described Quill’s father as being a being of pure light, an angel.

2 – James Gunn has said, in an interview with AMC, that he loved Starhawk. He specifically mentioned this name, even in passing, when asked if there were any characters that he was upset he didn’t have room for in the movie.

3 – Even if this is nitpicking, Starlord’s name could be originating from Starhawk. If his mother, who nicknamed Peter as Starlord, knew his father as Starhawk, it could be an origin for the name.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. There are numerous other fan theories running around, some even claiming that Quill is the son of a celestial or maybe a titan, like Thanos. In the end, only time will truly tell.

Check back tomorrow for my opinion of Thanos in Guardians of the Galaxy.


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