The 3 Marvel Movieverses

As I have written about before, Marvel sold out the rights to use certain characters in the early 2000’s. Since, most have been returned to Marvel, now owned by Disney. Of course, the most popular rights, those of Spider-man, X-men, and the Fantastic Four, have not been returned. This creates three different Marvel universes. So what are the strengths and failures of each universe?

The Spider-verse


Spider-man is a great hero, don’t get me wrong. Sony is attempting to turn him and his rogue’s gallery into an entire universe. This includes movies focusing on Venom, The Sinister Six, and even a rumored Black Cat movie. So far, the only produced movies have been Amazing Spider-man 1 & 2, neither of which were well received critically or in the box office.

In short, I am wondering about the lifespan of this particular universe. Will it last? Or will Sony stop seeing profit in a Spider-man-based Universe?

The X-Verse


Beginning with X-men and continuing onward through various X-men and Wolverine related movies, this is the longest-running of the Universes. It has had ups and downs, but has persevered and appears in good health. In the future, we have scheduled X-men: Apocalypse, with many returning X-men and even Channing Tatum taking on the roll of Gambit.

Not only this, but Fox has been in the process of rebooting of the Fantastic Four, supposedly in the same universe as the X-men. The script evidently has not been one of the best, and many fans are wary of it.

Nonetheless, I am confident about the continuation of the X-verse. It will continue to be one of the longest-running Universes, and I predict it will outlive the Spider-verse.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe


Basically encompassing “everything else”, the MCU is better known as the “Avenger movies”. Now encompassing Agents of Shield, the Defenders, and Guardians of the Galaxy, the MCU is by far the largest of the Universes. It produces the most movies per year, rapidly expands more with each movie, and has even involved multiple TV shows now. Basically, the MCU is a Hollywood Wonder.

The MCU is divided into Phases, marked by a crossover movie. At this point, the crossover movies are only the Avenger movies. It is unclear, however, how long the Avengers will last, as most of its members have only signed on for up to Avengers 3. It is unknown if there will be a fourth, or maybe even a fifth, phase.

The MCU is incredible, as nothing has been attempted like it before (although X-men clearly paved the way). In short, the MCU is the most respected and the healthiest of the Universes.

These are the three Marvel movie universes in existence right now. Each have specific rights attributed to them. I am extremely interested to see where the Universes go in the future. Many are still pulling for a crossover movie between the verses. Unfortunately, as time continues and the movies do not recognize one another, it becomes less likely that they will cross-over (why would the X-men not make reference to the battle of New York or why would Nick Fury not recruit a mutant to the Avengers?). Of course, as time goes on, a financial decision could be made by the companies to combine characters into a single movie. For now, only time will tell.

Check back tomorrow for the running theories on Starlord’s father!

6 responses to “The 3 Marvel Movieverses

  1. I am actually glad that X-Men can’t cross over to the Avenger verse….I always felt that the X-Men don’t really fit into it. Why should a world worship Captain America aso, but be vary about other mutants? Doesn’t make sense…never mind that X-Men is crowded enough as it is.
    Spiderman…I actually loved TAS1 and liked TAS2 well enough, even though I think they should have taken more time to built it up. I also wonder who currently owns the right to Daredevil, because he would fit in the Spiderman as well as the Avenger verse.

    • I agree with the varying responses to the super humans between the universes. It’s a great observation.
      Daredevil rights currently belong to Disney, with the Avenger universe. I am very excited to see Daredevil enter the MCU.

      • If they do one….but he would fit right in. Someone has to fight for the rights of the Superheroes, right? And I always wanted a really good Daredevil movie.
        I guess one could handwave Spiderman not being part of the MCU verse by saying that he takes care of the more “mundane” problems. In any case, even in the MCU verse the crossover concept can be a problem. Not necessarily with movies which are set outside earth, but the whole Ironman 3 is a big gaping plot hole due to the absence of shield…though I guess one can argue that they were busy with themselves around the time.

      • Disney has announced a daredevil tv show, actually. It’s coming next year. I’ve been writing about it a lot recently. And I would agree that Iron Man 3 left a lot to be desired. I feel like a lot of the holes will be smoothed when the Avengers assemble again next year.

      • Really? Missed that out….but that’s even better than a movie, if they do a proper tie in. With AoS they really needed a lot of time to get out of the rut.

      • Yes they did. But the show is teaming with Netflix, who has been producing absolutely riveting shows. So I have high hope. Also, they will be doing a Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and Jessica Jones Tv shows. These four shows will all come together for a Defenders miniseries. They all take place in Hell’s Kitchen.

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