Phase 3 Line-Up

As Marvel approaches the end of Phase 2, I am looking forward to the beginning of Phase 3. There is a surprising amount confirmed for Phase 3, although not all of it is surprising in itself.

So what all is confirmed?



The problem child of Marvel right now, Ant-man will be a more comedic movie. The movie will focus on a hero who can grow or shrink in size. The movie will come out in the summer following Age of Ultron. It will focus on Scott Lang, a janitor who attempts to steal the shrinking-suit in order to pay for his daughters medical treatments. It has been juggling directors and actors so much that many fans have been scared if the script is severely flawed or something similar.

Captain America 3


Marvel’s golden boy (or, red white and blue boy), is confirmed for a third installment. The storyline is unknown at this point and will undoubtedly depend a lot on how Age of Ultron turns out for good ole’ Cap. Evidently, he will survive for Captain America 3, but that’s about all we know. I am willing to bet the movie will contain something to do with Hydra, however.

Thor 3


The writers of Thor: The Dark World have been hired to pen Thor 3. The storyline is unknown at the moment, although the word Raganok has been tossed around in fan circles. At the moment, once again all we know is that Thor survives Ultron.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2


Even before Guardians’ highly successful debut, James Gunn was announcing Guardians 2. The sequel was set up already within Guardians, with (spoilers:) Nebula surviving the battle over Xandar, Yondu being betrayed once again by Star Lord, and a vague reference to Star Lord’s father (to be written about at another time). Despite these bits, a definite storyline is unknown.

Doctor Strange


The most out-there movie of this list, this will introduce the new character of Doctor Stephen Strange, mentioned briefly in Captain America 2. Strange represents a more magical side of the Marvel Universe, hinted at in Thor. All we know about this movie is that the director has done mostly horror movies in the past, which is interesting for the tone of Doctor Strange.

This is the list of confirmed movies for Marvel’s phase 3. As both Phase 1 had five movies and Phase 2 has four movies, this is likely the complete list of films for Phase 3, unless Marvel decides to try to fit six movies in. So expect this list, compete with release dates, in the next six months. There have been rumors and requests for a Black Panther movie or a fourth Iron Man movie, but for now, only time will tell.

Check back tomorrow for an overview of the 3 Marvel Universes today.


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