Matt Murdock Revealed in Set Pictures

Recently, we got a few set pictures of Charlie Cox in costume as the blind lawyer, Matt Murdock. Although we have not yet seen him in costume as Daredevil, I think he looks great as Murdock! Take a look:


If I have one complaint about this, I don’t like the length of the cane. This cane is to double as a billy-club for Daredevil, which would need to be thicker than the cane we see here. But we’ll see how that ends up.


I like the scars we see by his eyes. It works well for the blindness-aspect of the hero.

So I love Cox as Murdock. We’ll see how he works as Daredevil, but I am thoroughly impressed by this first glimpse of Matt Murdock. For more images, only time will tell.

Check back tomorrow for the low down on Guardians’ post credits cameo.


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