Easter Eggs You May Have Missed in Phase 1

Comic book movies are notorious for being riddled with Easter Eggs, little surprises that only certain people find or can understand. The MCU have done a great job with them. Taking a look at Phase 1, before I started writing here, we have a few good examples:

Leonard Samson – The Incredible Hulk


Doc Samson makes an appearance, portayed by Phil Dumphrey himself, Ty Burrell.

The Map – Iron Man 2


There is a map in the final scenes of Iron Man 2 with two locations marked. The first is in Africa. The second is in the Atlantic. Favreau, the director, confirmed that these are references to Wauconda (of Black Panther origin) and Atlantis (of Namor origin).

Arnim Zola – Captain America: The First Avenger


The above image was the first of Arnim Zola from the movie. This is very similar to the original form in the comics. The original form was pushed even further in Winter Soldier, brilliantly I would say.

Roxxon – Iron Man


In the comics, Roxxon was the company responsibly for Tony’s parents’ deaths. It can be seen during the final battle in the first Iron Man movie.

Jack and Jim – The Incredible Hulk


Two college students who film the confrontation at the University are named Jack McGee and Jim Wilson. Jack McGee was a reporter in the 80’s tv series for the Hulk. Jim Wilson was a boy who befriended the Hulk in the comics.

Antique Uniform – Captain America: The First Avenger


There is a uniform seen near the beginning of the movie. Some claim it is the original human torch uniform (not to be confused with the Fantastic Four member) and some claim it is an ant-man uniform.

Donald Blake – Thor


There was a couple name drops of Donald Blake. In the comics, Thor was living on Earth as a human named Donald Blake before discovering he was the God of Thunder.

There are very definitely other Easter Eggs in Phase 1, but these are some of the less obvious and still good ones. Sound off in the comics. Are there any others that you particularly liked?


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