Actor Swap! – Hulk vs Hulk

Edward Norton vs. Mark Ruffalo


Edward Norton was cast as Dr. Bruce Banner for the Incredible Hulk in 2008. Due to contract disagreements, however, it was Mark Ruffalo that assembled with the Avengers in 2012. So who did it better?

(by the way, I’m ignoring Eric Bana for the moment)

Edward Norton’s Banner


Edward Norton brought a focus and drive to the character that was great to watch. Banner wanted to be cured. he was a scientist, he was hunted, and he pulled it off well. Yes, his Hulk had emo hair, but I loved his portrayal of Dr. Banner.

Mark Ruffalo’s Banner


Ruffalo is the obvious fan choice. He played a haunted Dr. Banner, struggling to cope with the beast inside. For me personally, this was to his detriment. I’ve been watching Ruffalo for years and love him as an actor, but the character felt a little mopey to me.

My Choice:

I prefer Norton’s take on Dr. Banner. I like his drive and his focus. Ruffalo’s isn’t bad, but I would have paid triple admission to see Norton talking science with Stark. But that’s just my take.


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