3 Most Misrepresented Comic-To-Movie Characters

Comic movies have been going strong since X-men and Spiderman, almost fifteen years ago. In all that time, they movies have sought to take comic characters and breathe life into them on-screen. Lots of times, they struck home and converted the character from page to screen. Sometimes, they didn’t… These three are the ones I say were the worst comic-to-movie adaptations.

3. Venom


Spiderman 3 had a lot of issues. Like, an obscene amount of issues. Although this was not my biggest problem with the movie (Saturday Night Peter, by far), this was still a poor representation of the character of Venom. The comic version of the character is terrifying for reasons such as: His physical dominance over Peter, his ability to get past Peter’s spider-sense, and his rather intelligent demeanor. The movie version had none of these.

I’m all for taking some liberties with the characters, which the Spiderman series had done well in the past. Venom was not a liberty I would have considered taken well. His presence on screen was either Topher Grace’s talking head or a complete animal, screeching and all.

Poor writing is mostly to blame, in my opinion. Also, Fox’s decision to cram venom into the movie, against Sam Raimi’s desire. All that to say, I hope his next incarnation on screen does better.

2. Phoenix


How different a world we would live in if Brian Singer hadn’t decided to leave X-men in favor of Superman Returns. But, alas, we have to live with the Brett Ratner abomination known as X-men 3. Whereas X2 set up beautifully for the Phoenix Saga, one of the most important and beloved story arcs in all X-men lore, X3 turned around and… well… I shall refrain from profanity.

In short, while Phoenix is supposed to be an incredibly powerful being, laying the Earth to waste at her mercy, X3 turned her into Magento’s personal pet. Although powerful, the Phoenix of the movie in no way captured the essence of the comic Phoneix. While the comics had a beautiful, destructive Phoenix, X3 had a unreasonably ugly Phoenix who liked to stare at things. A lot.

In short, beautiful setup, horrible execution. I will not forgive Brett Ratner for a long while.

1. Deadpool


Okay, you knew it was coming. I can just imagine the conversation over at Fox while they wrote this scene. “What’s Deadpool’s nickname? Merc with a mouth? I have an idea, guys. Let’s take him, and close up his mouth!” Of all the abilities granted to him that he didn’t have, of the beautiful setup with Wilson leading to the horrible following, of the beheading and the post-credits, the sealing of his mouth is the thing I hate the most about X-men Origins: Wolverine’s Deadpool.

I truly believe that if it weren’t for this abomination of a beloved and potentially lucrative character, Days of Future Past would not have felt the need to “fix the timeline”. X-men 3 was bad, but that alone was not crime enough to justify the fix. I believe Deadpool was the final straw. Now, he is free to be done correctly. Thank God.

So there we have it! The three most misrepresented characters in Marvel movies. Venom and Deadpool movies have been “in the works” for a while, with little to nothing concrete just yet, so two of the three will get second chances. As for Phoenix, well only time will tell.



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