Marvel Director News

The last week has seen some big news regarding future Marvel movies. Not only did Edgar Wright leave Ant Man, as I wrote about earlier, but a director was announced to replace him, before backing out again. Other names have been attached and detached from the project. Finally, we also have a supposed director for the long-awaited Dr. Strange movie.

So, let’s dive right in!

Ant Man


Adam McKay, most known for his work on movies like Anchorman or Step Brothers, was announced to replace Wright as the director for Ant Man. The combination of Wright and McKay obviously tells us the comedic tone they have in mind for the movie. If Winter Soldier was a superhero movie and an espionage movie, this Ant Man movie will be a superhero movie and a comedy.

Later the same day, however, Adam McKay backed out of the project. Since then, it appears that both Ruben Fleischer, director of Zombieland, and Rawson Thurber, director of Dodgeball, have apparently been offered the movie and have rejected it, according to IGN. What does this mean for the movie?

Wright left over creative differences. It is rumored that he didn’t like putting The Avengers 2 stuff into the movie. With so many directors passing on such a big, nearly guaranteed success, does that mean there is actually something wrong with the movie? Is there problems that need to be addressed in the script or the idea? It’s unclear at the moment, but only time will tell.

Doctor Strange


On the other hand, we also hear that Marvel has signed on Scott Derrickson for Doctor Strange. Derrickson is known for his work with movies like Sinister or the Exorcism of Emily Rose. In short, horror stuff. That is very interesting regarding the tone of Doctor Strange. Granted, there is a lot of magic and dark stuff in Doctor Strange’s history. Does this mean they’ll be looking at a comic book movie and a horror movie?

So it’s been a big week for Marvel directors. I will keep you informed of any new news that comes down the pipe. This news certainly suggests some interesting things regarding the movies in question, but only time will tell.



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