Big Mutants That Haven’t Show Up Yet

Marvel’s collection of mutants is impressive. As well as the well known Wolverine, Cyclops, or Beast, there is an entire world of mutants in the comic universes. There are still some big names that haven’t shown up in the Marvel Universe just yet. Who am I talking about? Well, for example…



For those that know him, let’s get the elephant out of the room. Yes, he is from the future. Yes, he is the son of Cyclops and Jean Grey. Having just done time travel in DoFP, I don’t think they’ll send him back in time for Apocalypse. But he is a rather big deal in Marvel, having led the X-Force for a long time. He has powerful telekinesis and telepathy, a lot like his mother. Frankly, he’s just BA.



Another telekinetic and telepathic, Psylocke also has the mutant ability of looking good in purple. Beginning in the eightiest, Psylocke built herself into an important member of the X-men, even beginning a relationship with Angel. Despite being brainwashed on different occasions by different evil groups, Psylocke has left a mark on the X-men history. Sadly, she has not yet been featured in the movies, probably due to her similarity to Jean Grey in abilities.



After saving Wolverine’s life, Jubilee was brought into the X-men. She and Wolverine remained very close. With the ability to fire energy blasts from her hands, she has fought against many powerful villains on behalf of the X-men. After M-Day (when Scarlett Witch took away almost every mutant’s powers), she lost her abilities. Afterwards, she became a vampire and was integrated into the vampire corner of the Marvel Universe, but later rejoined the X-men.

Sadly, due to Hugh Jackman not wanting to do Wolverine for much longer, I doubt we will see Jubilee in the movies.

So these three mutants have yet to appear in the X-men movies. Among others, they represent a large population of mutants that could appear in any of the coming films. For now, only time will tell.



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