X-men: DoFP – When I Was Right and Wrong

After every Marvel movie, I like to go back and measure my predictions. I make a lot of guesses before the movies come out, and it’s only fair that I own up to what I got wrong and brag profusely about what I got right. Unfortunately, I di not predict many things about the movie. In fact, I predicted two things. So without further adieu…

A Rebooted Timeline


Yes! The timeline was rebooted and bad X-men choices were forgotten.

Overcrowded Mutants


I mistakenly believed that the movie would feel cramped with so many mutants. I was wrong. The movie did balance them nicely.

So that’s about all I predicted. 50% isn’t really a passing grade, but I blame whoever wrote the quiz… which still might be me.
Anyways, I can still claim a win on the rebooted timeline. As for future Marvel movies, only time will tell.


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