X-men: Apocalypse Team

With DoFP released, I shall waste no time in continuing onward to talk about Apocalypse. The movie, confirmed for 2016, has already begun casting. As fans turn their eyes toward the future of X-men, more information will doubtlessly arrive. That being said, we already know or are decently certain that some characters are in the movie.

Who? I’m glad you asked.

Prof X, Magento, Beast, and Mystique


James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, and Nick Holte have all confirmed that they will be returning for their third X-men movies.



As I wrote earlier, Channing Tatum has be cast as Gambit for the upcoming movie. I suppose this means that Taylor Kitsch is forgotten, but I think fans will like Tatum better anyway.



One of the best scenes of DoFP involved Evan Peters as Quicksilver. Now, Fox is saying that the actor will reprise the roll in Apocalypse. I wonder if they’ll go more in depth with his removed parent.

These six are a good start to the team. There will doubtlessly be other mutants cast, but as for who… only time will tell.


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