Days of Future Past – Post Credits

Despite the epicness of Days of Future Past, when I left the movie I was focusing more on the post credits scene than anything else. It was a beautiful setup to the next movie, teasing one of X-men’s most dangerous villains.



Apocalypse. Originally named En Sabah Nur, Apocalypse is considered to be the oldest mutant on Earth, having been born in the Egyptian times. After finding an alien vessel, he found a way to claim incredible alien abilities. Whenever he comes around to wreck havoc on Earth, he appoints 4 “horsemen”. They’re usually mutants, who he increases the abilities of and forces them to serve him.


I doubt that the movie will go into the alien ship part. More likely, he will be a mutant of incredible power who has lived through the test of time. How they will deal with his trademark look is still to be determined.

The Scene


Knowing all this, let’s take another look at the post-credits scene of DoFP. The blue skin and the Egyptian nature confirms Apocalypse, even if we didn’t already know that such a movie was confirmed. The building of the pyramids confirms his origin, as well as creating a clever answer to the “how did they do it” question. Of course, the four horsemen over his shoulder is my favorite part. I can’t say this means we’ll be sure to see the horsemen in a movie, but it does make it more likely.

Truthfully, the scene doesn’t tell us much about X-men Apocalypse that we didn’t already know or could guess. It does make me very excited to see what they have in mind for X-men’s biggest threat. Only time will tell.


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