X-Men: Days of Future Past – Spoiler Free Review


X-men: Days of Future Past came out tonight. So without further adieu, here is my spoiler free review!


The culmination of the entire X-men Franchise to this point, Wolverine is sent back in time to stop giant mutant-hunting robots from starting a war on mutants. This event was set in motion by the assassination of a man named Trask, (not to be confused with Tyrion) who built the giant robots in the first place.

X-men movies have actually had pretty good plots in the past decade and a half, with the notable exceptions of Origins: Wolverine and X-men: The Last Stand. This plot is probably the best of any of them. With a slower pace than I had anticipated, the movie did a good job of  developing its primary characters and balancing story lines. Granted, the actual “future” was not heavily featured, that was to be expected.



I believe this is the first Marvel movie where the film actually fixed the continuity of other movies. Not only does it fit extremely well in both X-men universes established through the years, the movie influenced them. It was more than just a sequel, it was a culmination of everything we have experienced in X-men since the first movie in 2000.

The original cast is not featured as much, but their influence still exists through Logan. The movie does a remarkable job of not shying away from the terrible parts of the previous movies, but also making it almost okay that they happened.

Comic Loyalty


The movie demonstrated an excellent comic loyalty, not only to the original Days of Future Past Story Arc, but also to the comics through the years. The movie features a Mystique on her own, apart from Magneto. This is straight from the comics, where she even led her own Brotherhood. The movie treated the assassination of Trask very similarly to the assassination of Robert Kelly in the original story arc.

In short, the movie knew its stuff from the comics.

And oh my gosh, that post credits scene…..


The movie balanced its characters really well. There were definitely primary characters and secondary characters, which is the only way such a large cast could have worked.

Frankly, James McAvoy steals the show with his Professor X. Him and Hugh Jackman have a wonderful dynamic. Michael Fassenbender is incredible as Magento, as always. The one the movie heavily plays upon, however, is Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique. Given her mass popularity among fan boys, it’s not surprising that the movie centered so much on her. She carries it well.

Also, the many familiar faces we see throughout the movie make the film feel very much like a full circle.


X-men: Days of Future Past delivers. It is the culmination of years of X-men movies, but also the beginning of a new saga. Trust me when I say, this is one you need to see. It’s the beg X-men movie yet.


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